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Yeonwoo Boyfriend 2023: Her Ideal Type & Dating History

Yeonwoo Boyfriend 2023 Her Ideal Type & Dating History

Yeonwoo Boyfriend 2023: Her Ideal Type & Dating History

Yeonwoo Boyfriend 2023: Her Ideal Type & Dating History. Yeonwoo is a singer and actress hailing from Seoul, South Korea. She was given the name Lee Da-bin at birth. Currently, she is represented by MLD Entertainment.

Her most notable accomplishment was her time spent as a member of the girl group Momoland, who achieved the most success with the song “Boom Boom.” Yeonwoo made his debut with the group in 2016 along with eight other members, serving as the lead rapper, vocalist, center, and visual. Unfortunately, after making the decision to pursue a career in acting, she made the choice to no longer be a part of the group. Her albums “Live On,” “Cheat on Me If You Can,” and “Tempted” are three of the most unforgettable works of her career.

Today, we are going to learn about Yeonwoo’s past and present romantic relationships. From the state of her present relationship to the rumors surrounding her former relationships to her ideal type!

Yeonwoo Profile:

Stage Name: Yeonwoo (연우)

Birth Name: Lee Da Bin (이다빈)

English Name: Chloe

Birthday: August 1st, 1996

Zodiac Sign: Leo

Height: 169cm (5’7″)

Weight: 49kg (108 lbs)

Blood Type: B

Instagram: @chloelxxlxx

Youtube: 연우 YIDABIN

Yeonwoo Dating History

According to the information that we have, Yeonwoo does not presently have a partner.

There have been recent reports that she is dating a fellow actress. However, both of their agencies have disputed the validity of these allegations. Continue reading if you’re interested in finding out more about the identity of this enigmatic actor. As we are about to explain to you, there have been several relationship rumors around Yeonwoo in the past.

Lee Min Ho

Lee Min-ho is a Seoul-born South Korean actor, singer, model, creative director, and businessman. He is most known for his work in the entertainment industry. During Yeonwoo’s birthday, the two were observed together, and it appeared as though they were going on a “movie date.” The management teams for Lee Min-ho and Yeonwoo have both refuted the relationship allegations, despite the fact that many people are under the impression that this is proof that the two are dating.


Kim Tae-hyung, better known by his stage name “V,” is a singer, songwriter, actor, and member of the South Korean boy group BTS. He is best known by his stage name.

Fans can’t help but ship the two together though, and the name of their ship is “Taewoo,” despite the fact that the two have never really met with one another in any meaningful way. Many people think that the two were meant to be together since they appear to be quite attractive when they are. The internet is rife with fan-created images that purport to show what a romantic relationship between BTS’s V and Yeonwoo, a member who once performed with Momoland, may look like.

Jackson Wang

Jackson Wang is a Hong Kong native who is a rapper, vocalist, and fashion designer in addition to being a member of the boy band Got7. Yeonwoo and Wang have never had any kind of communication with one another. Nevertheless, when asked to describe her ideal type, Yeonwoo said that she is drawn to those who are able to make her laugh. Fans instantly thought of Jackson Wang due to his uncanny ability to make others around him laugh at any given moment.

Yeo One

Yeo Chang-gu, best known by his stage name Yeo One, is a musician, actor, and member of the boy band Pentagon from South Korea.

In 2018, it was said that Yeonwoo was involved in a romantic relationship with a member of the Pentagon. Despite the fact that the origin of this story is unclear, many people have moved quickly to acquire proof to establish that the rumor is accurate. It wasn’t long after that when rumors began to circulate that the enigmatic Pentagon member who was allegedly dating Yeonwoo was none other than Yeo One.

Fans would reinforce this idea by pointing to facts such as the two individuals striking similarly posed photographs for photo sessions and wearing identical articles of apparel. After the two unexpectedly worked together on a cover song titled “Perhaps Love,” the rumor became even more believable.


Leeteuk is the stage name of the South Korean singer, composer, presenter, radio personality, actor, and member of the boy band Super Junior, Park Jeong-su, who is also known as Park Jeong-su. In 2018, Leeteuk was called out for sending a message on Yeonwoo’s fan page under the false impression that she was the one making the posts. The fan posted a snapshot of the encounter to her Instagram story with the caption “OMG I can’t believe it.” The screenshot included Leeteuk’s reply to Yeonwoo, which simply stated “Hi, Yeonwoo.”

One of Yeonwoo’s fans was overjoyed to learn of the unexpected message, but the majority of fans did not share their enthusiasm. Leeteuk received a lot of backlash because of the 13-year age gap that exists between him and Yeonwoo. A lot of fans referred to him as “creepy” for contacting someone who appears to be “young enough to be his daughter.” This led to a lot of criticism.

After some time had passed, Leeteuk took to his Instagram account to publish an apologetic post. I would like to personally apologize to Yeonwoo and her fan. Many of his followers have the opinion that he has no reason to apologize, despite the fact that the post in question has been removed from his account.

Yeonwoo Boyfriend 2023 Her Ideal Type & Dating History

Yeonwoo Boyfriend 2023 Her Ideal Type & Dating History

Who is Yeonwoo Boyfriend?

Despite the fact that she has a large number of admirers who believe they are her spouse, Yeonwoo has never been married and has never been in a relationship.

Yeonwoo’s Ideal Type

The year 2018 was the year that fans found out who Yeonwoo had a secret crush on, and they are overjoyed to have found out who it was. A photograph of Yeonwoo that showed the lock screen of her iPhone was made public and circulated online. The member of AOA whose face appeared on her lock screen was none other than Seolhyun.

Yeonwoo has mentioned in the past a number of additional characteristics that make up her ideal type, in addition to the fact that Seolhyun from AOA is her ideal type. Yeonwoo revealed that she has a soft spot for folks who give the impression that they despise her but, in reality, like her. Someone who can make her laugh is another quality that she finds attractive in a partner.

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