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How’s Xu Kai and Yang Mi Relationship in Real Life? Are They Dating Now?

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How’s Xu Kai and Yang Mi Relationship in Real Life Are They Dating Now

How’s Xu Kai and Yang Mi Relationship in Real Life? Are They Dating Now?

How’s Xu Kai and Yang Mi Relationship in Real Life? Are They Dating Now? It is not uncommon for actors and actresses to develop romantic feelings for their co-stars when they are working together on a production. Similar to the Song-Song pair and the Park-Park duo. They develop a romantic attachment to their theatre set. Even further, the Song-Song pair tied the knot. After their involvement in high-profile scandals such as “Crash Landing on You” and “Descendent of the Sun,” a number of other famous people have gone on to find love. Among the most well-known couples in South Korea are the Songsong pair, the Binjin couple, and the Park Park couple.

The situation is the same for spouses of Chinese descent. If they begin dating one of their co-stars, they want to keep their relationship a secret. The production of She and Her Perfect Husband officially got underway on February 27, marking the commencement of a new drama that has been on my watch list ever since it was revealed the previous year. I am quite excited about this new show! The drama ultimately conducted its booting ceremony on February 27, 2019, following rumors that filming had begun just a few days previously on February 25 and 26 respectively. Yang Mi and Xu Kai play the lead parts, and supporting actors include Li Zefeng, Tang Jingmei, Wang Zixuan, and Liu Lin. Yang Mi and Xu Kai also play supporting roles. In addition, Yang Mi and Xu Kai are featured in the cast.

The most recent relationship pairings in the world of drama have been pretty fascinating, what with Ren Jialun being paired with Bai Lu for the drama Forever and Ever, Yang Yang being paired with Dilireba for the drama You Are My Glory, and then Dilireba being paired with Ren Jialun for the drama The Blue Whisper. All of these pairings have taken place in the past few years. As a result of Yang Mi and Xu Kai’s inclusion on the roster, we now have access to yet another dynamic combo in the competition.

Xu Kai and Yang Mi Relationship On-Screen

In contrast to Xu Kai, who represents part of her “puppy dog” love interest, Yang Mi plays the character of the dominant lawyer in the story. This role reversal is a prevalent theme in contractual partnerships, which often have the male protagonist play the dominating position in the relationship. A marriage of convenience is entered into by the pair before they discover that they have romantic feelings for one another. Both Yang Mi, who is no stranger to portraying strong female characters, and Xu Kai, who plays the love lead despite being nine years her junior in real life, look to be ideal candidates for their respective roles. Yang Mi has a history of playing forceful female roles.

People on the internet have observed that Xu Kai has lost weight for his most recent drama but that he is just as handsome as he was in the past. After obtaining a great deal of notoriety for his performance in the historical drama Story of Yanxi Palace, Xu Kai went on to star in a large number of further period dramas. As a result, it is uncommon to see him in modern plays now.

In order to satisfy the conditions of their contract, which is now being filmed, the two actors have already gotten into character. While playing the part of Qin Shi, Yang Mi approached Yang Hua with the idea of him posing as her spouse at various social gatherings.

How’s Xu Kai and Yang Mi Relationship in Real Life Are They Dating Now

How’s Xu Kai and Yang Mi Relationship in Real Life Are They Dating Now

Because they want to get married first, there is no use in them dating at this moment because it won’t lead anywhere. Because she already possesses a residence, he will be allowed to move in with her. Because Yang Hua is patient and attentive, he is able to take care of the house while she concentrates on her profession. She is excellent at producing money, and because she is good at generating money, she can focus on her work. Since she brings in enough money to sustain the two of them, it does not matter to her whether or not he has a job because she can provide for all of their financial needs. At long last, she utters the dreaded words to Yang Hua: “You really do need to pay attention to what I’m saying.” During this moment, Xu Kai responds to Yang Hua’s question while acting as Yang Hua. He says, “You may go ahead and carve up a career for yourself, and I’ll be your strongest pillar.” Consequently, I have a great deal of admiration for this pair. The courtship can at last get underway!

Xu Kai and Yang Mi Relationship Of-Screen

The two actors who perform the main roles in the play—the male lead and the female lead, respectively—are, of course, essential to the emotional drama. Are there a lot of individuals who are looking forward to seeing how the otaku Xu Kai and the professional elite Yang Mi get along romantically?

The photo depicts the scene from the play where Reuter’s netizens Yang Mi and Xu Kai shared a passionate kiss. Isn’t it extremely sweet? It’s unlikely that the heroine will forcibly kiss the small milk puppy since she’s just too dominant.

Following that, neither Yang Mi nor Xu Kai took an effort to cover their faces, and they graciously let people walking by snap photographs of them. The grin that was on Yang Mi’s face was really endearing, and he gave off the impression of being somewhat timid.

The length of Xu Kai’s legs is so striking that it caused fans to shout, and the staff members who were standing next to them opened the door for them.

It is clear that Yang Mi was still quite bashful despite being surrounded by a large number of admirers who wanted to snap photographs of him, and he used his face to his advantage.

How’s Xu Kai and Yang Mi Relationship in Real Life Are They Dating Now

How’s Xu Kai and Yang Mi Relationship in Real Life Are They Dating Now

Yang Mi was given a very touching screenplay by Xu Kai to use as a mask to conceal his face. Through the course of filming a television series, it was seen that the two had a really positive relationship with one another. A romantic relationship had been arranged between the overbearing sister and the affable brother.

Are Xu Kai and Yang Mi Dating Now?

The fact that Xu Kai and Yang Mi have been spotted on camera behind the scenes holding hands raises more questions about their romantic relationship. When they are kidding about it, they prefer to rest their heads on one another’s shoulders. People on the internet are speculating that the two of them are dating. The images and chemistry of this duo have won the hearts of internet users ever since the poster for the Chinese drama was made available.

There is still no evidence that they are dating each other. It is therefore more accurate to suggest that they just have a professional connection. However, the audience will be pleased if they actually do start dating in the real world. After all, the two of them make such a sweet and lovely couple.

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