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Xing Zhaolin Girlfriend: Xing Zhaolin & Liang Jie Relationship

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Xing Zhaolin Girlfriend Xing Zhaolin & Liang Jie Relationship

Xing Zhaolin Girlfriend: Xing Zhaolin & Liang Jie Relationship

Xing Zhaolin Girlfriend: Xing Zhaolin & Liang Jie Relationship. A video showing Xing Zhaolin going out with an unidentified woman was shared on several social media sites on May 6th. The revelation of their romantic involvement generated a great deal of commentary from online users. Is the girl Xing Zhaolin’s potential new significant other?

What’s The Relationship Between Xing Zhaolin and Liang Jie?

Xing Zhaolin and Liang Jie have collaborated on a number of projects throughout the course of their careers. Because of the great depiction they provide, they have garnered a significant following.

Recently, “The Eternal Love 3” has been in heavy rotation on many broadcasting outlets. The nature of the relationship that exists between Xing Zhaolin and Liang Jie is now a topic of interest for a significant number of internet users.

Xing Zhaolin and Liang Jie Drama

They have worked together four times and are known in the industry as “Tan Cheng CP.” They sang the duet together in the songs “The Eternal Love 1,” “The Eternal Love 2,” “The Eternal Love 3,” and “You Are My Destiny.” We have no choice but to acknowledge that their outcomes were predetermined.

Xing Zhaolin was awarded the ninth prize in “The Eternal Love.” Mo Liancheng once proposed to Liang Jie, posing as Qu Xiaodan, the idea that they get married once per year. It would appear that he was successful in his endeavor!

It seems like Xing Zhaolin and Liang Jie had fantastic chemistry together since their performance was outstanding.

The more they worked together, the greater their implicit understanding and the closer they became. Even Xing Zhaolin remarked that he gets along well with Liang Jie when they are in close proximity to one another.

Xing Zhaolin is a lot livelier than Liang Jie in real life, and the two of them have become good friends outside of the show as well. They joked around a lot, so regardless of whether or not they can be in a relationship in real life, internet users are really pleased to see that they are in this situation.

Is Xing Zhaolin Girlfriend Liang Jie?

They did not compete with one another; rather, they collaborated. In reality, they are really close friends with one another.

They appeared together in a number of different dramatic productions and helped each other advance their careers.

Because of this, the shared experience is extremely significant to both of them. This is an even greater treasure than the affection that you have for them.

Many viewers are curious as to whether or not Xing Zhaolin likes Liang Jie outside of the context of the drama.

They are well-known to audiences for having worked together on several occasions. They marketed the dramas together with adorable interactions among the cast members.

Even when they are not interacting in the context of the drama, they refer to each other by the names of the roles they play.

In this scenario, the potential exists for the two of you to become close friends or perhaps lovers.

How’s Xing Zhaolin and Liang Jie Relationship in Real Life?

Xing Zhaolin, on the other hand, has merely stated that they are good friends.

Although Xing Zhaolin did not provide fans with a solution that satisfied their curiosity, this does not discourage supporters from continuing to ship the cp. It’s possible that the fans are too much inebriated, or perhaps it’s because the couple is so well suited to one another.

When fans look at them, it’s like they’re looking at a lovely love, and it makes them feel extremely joyful and wonderful.

Are Xing Zhaolin and Liang Jie Dating in Real Life?

Since Liang had a partner and was engaged when she met Xing, it was impossible for the two of them to have been together in the past.

The relationship between Liang Jie and the actress Purba Rgyal was brought to light in July of 2017. The engagement was announced on February 1st, 2018, by Purba Rgyal to Liang Jie. Nevertheless, it appeared that the crowd did not approve of the connection.

On May 18, 2021, Liang Jie and Purba Rgyal unexpectedly broke up with each other and revealed it on Weibo. This announcement sparked a heated debate among online users.

Now that Liang Jie’s relationship has ended and she is single again, the CP fans of this drama have the feeling that Xing Zhaolin’s opportunity is getting closer. They yelled at Xing Zhaolin, telling him to go after Liang Jie.

It was discovered not too long ago that Xing Zhaolin was involved in a romantic relationship with a woman, but he did not divulge this information publicly. We have no way of knowing if this is true or not.

Love is incredible, and no one can truly predict how it will evolve. There are certain individuals who are destined to be together because they belong together. Let nature take its course.

Fans are also curious about the recipient of Xing Zhaolin’s first on-screen kiss and want to know who it was.

There is no room for speculation about who it may be other than the drama’s co-star, Liang Jie. When Xing Zhaolin delivered his first kiss on TV in “The Eternal Love,” he did so in a charming manner.

During the launch of “You Are My Destiny,” the following question was posed to Xing Zhaolin: “This is our third time working together; how do you feel about it?”

Xing Zhaolin made a light-hearted remark, saying, “I am frightened that we would act like an old husband and wife and have no sensation of meeting for the first time.” Xing Zhaolin was joking, but the sentiment was genuine. After hearing this response, the media all laughed at once.

Who Is Xing Zhaolin Girlfriend?

During the course of the video, Xing Zhaolin was seen playing basketball in the gymnasium with the female who was with him. While Xing Zhaolin wore short black sleeves and a black peaked hat, the mystery girl donned short white sleeves and a ponytail and wore a white peaked black hat. Her look is pretty excellent.

During the short pause that Xing Zhaolin took, he did not neglect to engage in conversation with the girl. During the pleasant chat that they were having, the girl kept touching Xing Zhaolin’s leg in a kind manner.

They eventually left the arena in order, one after the other, and returned to the hotel together once they had checked out.

Xing Zhaolin Girlfriend Xing Zhaolin & Liang Jie Relationship

Xing Zhaolin Girlfriend Xing Zhaolin & Liang Jie Relationship

Xing Zhaolin Spotted on a Date with his mysterious Girlfriend

The next day, they went out to a restaurant for supper. The girl was given peeled prawns to eat by Xing Zhaolin, who then gave them to her. Even a prawn was split between the two of them.

On another day, the girl paid Xing Zhaolin a visit on the set, where she was standing beside Xing Zhaolin’s car. She hid her identity by donning a mask and dressing stealthily. She had a positive relationship with Xing Zhaolin’s staff members. It seems as though Xing Zhaolin and the girl are involved in a warm and fuzzy relationship.

Xing Zhaolin Spotted on a Date with his mysterious Girlfriend

Xing Zhaolin Spotted on a Date with his mysterious Girlfriend

Who Is Xing Zhaolin?

Viewers are familiar with Xing Zhaolin, who became famous for her performance as Yue Qi in the 2017 television show “Princess Agents.” His acting abilities were of a very high caliber.

In the same year, he had a starring role in the period piece “The Eternal Love,” which was released in July. Because of her performance as the major actor Mo Liancheng, he gained a lot of notoriety. Because of his outstanding performance in the drama, he was awarded the Tencent Video Star Award in 2017 in the category of “Potential Drama Actor of the Year.”

On the other hand, due to the fact that he has collaborated with the actress Liang Jie an excessive amount of times and the fact that they are consistently portrayed as lovely CP on screen, the two of them actually have a significant number of CP admirers. He is also well-known for playing the selfless male protagonist in several heartwarming web dramas.

Xing Zhaolin Affair with Rookie Artist

In December of the previous year, photographs were taken by the media of Xing Zhaolin and a female student of the Beijing Film Academy kissing while riding in an elevator. The young lady was decked out in a terrycloth robe. At that time, it was speculated that he had recently begun a romantic partnership. However, Xing Zhaolin did not answer.

Now there are pictures of him having a close conversation with the female who was wearing a white shirt.

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