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Xiao Zhan Girlfriend, Ideal Type & Dating History

Xiao Zhan Girlfriend, Ideal Type & Dating History

Xiao Zhan Girlfriend, Ideal Type & Dating History

Xiao Zhan Girlfriend, Ideal Type & Dating History. The Chinese actor, model, and singer Xiao Zhan (also known by his English name “Sean Xiao”) is also a member of the male idol group X NINE, which he founded. Oh! My Emperor (2018), Joy of Life (2019), and The Untamed (2019) were among the television drama series in which he appeared that garnered his attention (2019).

As a result of his achievements, Xiao was recognized by Forbes China as one of the 30 Under 30 Asia 2019 honorees, a group of notable persons under the age of thirty who have made significant contributions to their industries.

Xiao Zhan Profile

  • Full Real Name: Xiao Zhan
  • English Name: Sean Xiao
  • Date of Birth: October 5, 1991
  • Birth Place: Chongqing, China
  • Nationality: Chinese
  • Gender: Male
  • Occupation/Profession: Actor, Singer & Model
  • Active Year: 2015-present
  • Musical Career Genres: Mandopop
  • Instruments: Vocals
  • Labels: Wajijiwa Entertainment
  • Associated Acts: X Nine
  • Height: 1.83 m
  • Weight: ??
  • Marital Status: Unknown

Xiao Zhan Net-Worth

Good net worth is maintained by Xiao Zhan, one of the most popular Chinese actors, who had his acting career debut as an actor in 2015 in the Chinese television and film industry. His net worth is expected to increase dramatically in the coming years. Unfortunately, we do not have enough information about the Chinese actor and singer Xiao Zhan. However, according to several web sources, the popular Chinese actor Xiao Zhan has an estimated net worth of $3 Million – $5 Million Dollars as of 2020.

In 2020-2021, Xiao Zhan’s current estimated net worth is expected to increase dramatically. His principal source of income comes from his work as a professional actor in the Chinese Entertainment Industry. He served as the promotional ambassador for the “Beijing television Spring Gala” in 2020, which will take place in Beijing.

What Is Xiao Zhan Ideal Type?

A fun, gentle soul with an unusual soul is what he is looking for in an ideal match, but in another interview, he stated that he wants to see someone with whom he can get along rather than looking for someone who matches specific requirements.

Xiao Zhan Girlfriend

In the Chinese entertainment business, Xiao Zhan is widely regarded as one of the most gorgeous and skilled Chinese actors. He is also quite popular. Therefore, it is possible that he is now in a relationship with someone; nevertheless, officially he has not declared anything linked to his relationship, which is why we do not know for certain whether or not this is the case. Our most recent data records and resources found online indicate that he is not dating anyone at this time and that he does not have a significant other.

Regarding Xiao Zhan’s former girlfriend and relationship, we do not have sufficient information at this time; nevertheless, our team will be working on this page, and as a result, this item will be updated once more as soon as it is feasible. But Here are some of Xiao Zhan Rumored friends:

Yang Zi

Both Yang Zi and Xiao Zhan are highly regarded as top performers in China due to their

impressive acting abilities and attractive physical attributes. Their first time working together is what makes this drama so exciting to look forward to.

The storyline, on the other hand, is quite realistic, particularly with regard to the duty and trust that are inherent in the doctor-patient connection, which is fraught with deep significance.

We think that “The Oath of Love,” which is practically an exact adaptation of the best-selling novel of the year, will become yet another successful dramatization.

In the show, Xiao Zhan has a very dashing appearance, while Yang Zi has a very alluring appearance. We can’t help but notice how well they complement one another physically and emotionally.

They bring a lot of life to their performances. They are quite good at conveying a wide range of subtle emotions and nuances of nuance.

The parts that are being played have highly three-dimensional characteristics. The scenes of the two of them together are hilarious and endearing. People are unable to resist falling prey to their allure.

The two of them have the same group of friends, and Yang Zi was the one who extended the invitation to her on December 25.

Yang Zi provided Xiao Zhan with jiayou in 2020, visited him on his birthday, and Xiao Zhan often refers to Yang Zi by her nickname, “Aoao.”

Xiao Zhan Girlfriend, Ideal Type & Dating History

Xiao Zhan Girlfriend, Ideal Type & Dating History

Li Qin

It has been said that they worked together on a number of different works, some of which include “The Wolf,” “Fights Break Sphere,” “Joy of Life,” and “Jade Dynasty.”

Specifically, in “Jade Dynasty,” even though they were not CP, their kissing moment once grabbed the top spot on the Weibo Hot search list for a considerable amount of time and attracted a lot of attention.

They undoubtedly spend a lot of time together, get to know each other quite well, and develop a close friendship. During this time span, they did engage in a greater and greater amount of conversation with one another.

Internet users who look closely will discover that Xiao Zhan and Li Qin are likewise tightly linked in a variety of different ways. People will inevitably begin to speculate about the nature of their connection after seeing this.

In point of fact, reports that Xiao Zhan and Li Qin are dating have been making the rounds on the internet for quite some time now.

In 2018, a member of the internet community snapped a snapshot of them skiing together, which sparked rumors that they were in love due to the fact that they were together. In addition to that, Xiao Zhan regularly visited and commented on Li Qin’s Weibo. Even the substance of the advertising campaign incorporates elements that are similar to those of Xiao Zhan.

He referred to her as a “fairy” in the statement, but Li Qin did not respond in any way. Because of this, many had the impression that Xiao Zhan seemed to have a strong liking for Li Qin at the time.


In addition, the authenticity of Xiao Zhan’s unique signature, which consists of three points and a love heart, is being called into doubt in relation to Li Qin. It is a perfect match with the letter “.”


In addition, Xiao Zhao gave his fan club the moniker “Peter Pan,” which Li Qin also made reference to quite a few times. It definitely creates a sense of uncertainty in people’s minds.

On the 520th day of the year, Xiao Zhan admitted on Weibo that he had a rabbit. It was really a chance that Li Qin had recently painted herself in the likeness of a rabbit on the same day; yet, such a coincidence appears to give people the impression that there is actually some sort of backstory.

Uvin Wang Yuwen

There was even a revelation that Uvin Wang Yuwen was accused of having abandoned Hu Bo because she loved Xiao Zhan. The reason for this suspicion was that she liked Xiao Zhan. Because Wang Yuwen and Xiao Zhao have been interacting with one another rather frequently ever since that time.

They became acquainted with one another as a result of their collaboration on the show “Super Star Academy.” All of the people who watched the show agreed that the two of them were too cute in the drama. In addition, Xiao Zhan frequently spoke with Wang Yuwen by sending her notes and praising her cinematic works.

Not only were they adorable in the show, but they also had some more personal exchanges throughout the process of working together, such as sharing the same sofa and photo action, as well as the moonlight lamp, taking photos together, and taking pictures with one other.

Therefore, the allegation that Xiao Zhan and Wang Yuwen are romantically involved spread like wildfire over the internet! On the other hand, they did not have any further information. Later on, Xiao Zhan rose to prominence and became the most famous star, while Uvin Wang Yuwen appeared in several plays during that time.

Wang Yibo

Those viewers who are familiar with Wang Yibo are aware of the fact that this acquaintance he met on the set is in fact, Xiao Zhan. Since the release of “The Untamed,” Xiao Zhan and Wang Yibo have established themselves as China’s most well-known performers.

Xiao Zhan performed the part of Wei Wuxian, a guy who has spent his life fighting for the powerful and assisting the helpless, and Wang Yibo played the role of Lan Zan, a man who constantly appears amid the turmoil. Both of these characters were portrayed by Xiao Zhan and Wang Yibo.

Both of these personalities have made a significant impact on the audience. Because they were forced to work closely together for four months, they developed a strong friendship.

Their mutual comprehension has increased throughout recent conversations. They grow quite close to one another.

They were even created a couple during the marketing of “The Untamed,” with a bunch of “Bo Jun Yi Xiao” supporters backing them in the background.

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