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TWICE Jihyo Boyfriend 2023: Her Ideal Type, Crush & Dating History

TWICE Jihyo Boyfriend 2023 Her Ideal Type, Crush & Dating History

TWICE Jihyo Boyfriend 2023: Her Ideal Type, Crush & Dating History

TWICE Jihyo Boyfriend 2023: Her Ideal Type, Crush & Dating History. TWICE is one of the most popular female groups to come out of South Korea. Some of their most famous songs include “TT,” “What is Love? and “Fancy” respectively.

Under the management of JYP Entertainment, the band made its debut in 2015 with the single “Like OOH-AHH.” The members of the band are known as Sana, Tzuyu, Momo, Nayeon, Mina, Jeongyeon, Jihyo, Chaeyoung, and Dahyun. There are nine people in total in the band. Today, we are going to concentrate on Jihyo, who is the primary vocalist for TWICE.

TWICE Park Jihyo Profile:

Stage Name: Jihyo (지효)

Birth Name: Park Ji Soo (박지수) but legalized her name to Park Ji Hyo (박지효)

Nationality: Korean

Position: Leader, Main Vocalist

Birthday: February 1, 1997

Zodiac sign: Aquarius

Official Height: 162 cm (5 ft 3¾ in) / Approx.

Real Height: 160 cm (5’3″)

Official Weight: 56 kg (123 lbs) / Approx.

Real Weight: 49 kg (108 lbs)

Blood Type: O

Instagram: _zyozyo

TWICE Jihyo Dating History

It is well known that every member of TWICE possesses stunning good looks. The beauty of Jihyo is that has the ability to hypnotize. She is flawless, in the eyes of many people all around the world. The size of her eyes almost guarantees that they will get your attention. They have, right? It’s about time that we found out.

According to the findings of the investigation, Jihyo is not dating anyone at the moment. It’s been established that she was in at least one other committed relationship in the past, which will be discussed in more detail shortly. If you are a member of the fandom known as “ONCE” for the band TWICE, then you probably have a good understanding of who it is that we are talking about.

Kang Daniel

After rearranging their respective schedules in 2019, Jihyo and the South Korean singer-songwriter got together. It was obvious that the pair liked spending time with one another; in fact, they had such a good time together that they chose to become an official couple. Disseminating this information to the general public through their respective authorities.

Unfortuitously, a year later, the pair made the decision to stop their relationship due to the fact that their schedules were simply too demanding, which prevented them from having time to meet.

Cho Jin-Woong

To clear up any misunderstandings, Jihyo and the South Korean star have never dated. During the course of the interview, we gave every participant the chance to talk about the qualities they want their ideal mate to have. Jihyo mentioned when she was explaining her answer, that she really loved watching “Signal” because Cho Jin-Woong was so wonderful, dependable, and extremely lovely in it.

TWICE Jihyo Boyfriend 2023 Her Ideal Type, Crush & Dating History

TWICE Jihyo Boyfriend 2023 Her Ideal Type, Crush & Dating History


After seeing how Suga reacted to TWICE’s performance, people questioned whether or not the rapper was a fan of the group. To be more specific, Jihyo. As it appeared that he had a higher level of emotion than normal when her portion was discussed. However, regardless of whether or not this is the case, the fact that Jihyo is romantically involved with Kang Daniel has been established beyond a reasonable doubt.

TWICE Jihyo Boyfriend

Jihyo does not have a boyfriend because, as we have established previously in the text, she does not have a boyfriend or a husband. She has never done so before. Even though the typical age for a woman to be married in South Korea is 30 years old, Jihyo will turn 25 this year. However, according to the thoughts of the group’s followers, Jihyo and Momo are considered to be the members of the group who are most likely to get married first.

TWICE Jihyo Ideal Type

It is already common knowledge that the South Korean actor Cho Jin-Woong was successful in gaining a second glance from Jihyo. Someone who will accept her for who she really is and will not judge her for it. Someone who can put her at ease and help her relax. Someone who demonstrates bravery. Someone who possesses a large amount of compassion.

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