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Turkey Undergraduate Scholarships 2021-Turkiye Burslari Scholarships

Turkey Scholarship For Undergraduate 2021- Turkiye Burslari Scholarships 2021

Turkey undergraduate scholarship is going to open for international students in 2021. From January 10 to 20. Turkiye Burslari Scholarships is simply known as turkey scholarship. Turkey foreign minister is funding for international Turkey Undergraduate scholarships. Turkish scholarship is giving foreign students an opportunity to the international students To get an education from better institutes free of costs. The main purpose of Turkey scholarship is to build good relationships with other countries. It’s a great opportunity for the students who are looking for fully funded scholarships for undergraduate students. Students can enhance their skills, talents, and knowledge in one of the best universities in Turkey. This Turkiye Burslari Scholarship can be a great opportunity for undergraduate students who want to study in Turkey.

Benefits of Turkey Scholarship for Undergraduate Students

There are many benefits of the Turkey scholarship which will be proved fruitful for the international students during their study. Some of the benefits are discussed below in detail.

Free Accommodation

Many top universities of the world charge a pretty amount of money to international students. But in the case of Turkey scholarships, international students can enjoy free accommodation. Free accommodation will be provided to the undergraduate students. This will definitely help the students to stay in a country where living allowances are pretty much high. Accommodation will be free during the whole journey of study there. But in case students want to live outside the university accommodation. Then they have to bear the living allowance themselves.

Free Medical Facility

It’s very difficult for international students to bear medical expenses in any country. And medical health is a serious issue all over the world. But Turkey Scholarship provides free medical facilities to undergraduate students. Scholarships will provide free medical insurance to international students. That medical insurance will be provided equally to all international students.

Monthly Stipend

The best thing about the Turkey scholarship is that it provides a monthly stipend to Bachelor program students. A monthly stipend supports international students to bear other expenses during the journey of their study. The monthly stipend for undergraduate students is 700 TL.

Free Education

Free education has become a dream of many students. Because the best educational institutes demand pretty much money for the educational facilities. All the students can not afford that much money for their education. But Turkey Scholarship program offers free education for illegible international students.

Learn the Turkish Language

Turkish is the national language of Turkey. It is mandatory to learn the Turkish language for international students. This will help students in Turkey. Candidates who won the scholarship are required to learn the Turkish language for 8 months. This language course will be free. Candidates need to secure a C1 level to continue the study. Failed in 1st attempt students will be given 3 months for further preparation. Unfortunately, if a candidate fails to pass the language test again. Then the candidate has to bear one year’s expenses.

Free Traveling Tickets

It can be costly to travel from one country to another country. It’s good for the students to save money rather than expending on traveling. However, Turkey Scholarship also covers the traveling expenditure of the international students. It includes two free tickets. If a candidate buys a ticket on his own. Then it would be refundable.

Application Process For Turkey Scholarship For Undergraduates Students

Candidates from all over the world can submit applications online for scholarships. The deadline for submitting an application is February 24 of each year. All the willing candidates are advised to read instructions carefully. Only eligible students can win scholarships.

Required Documents For Turkey Undergraduate Scholarship

The following documents are required for turkey undergraduate scholarship. NIC, Passport, Academic Transcripts, Scanned Passport size photographs, Diploma certificate, Language test score if required, Purpose statement for scholarship, and a letter of intent.

Most of the Turkish universities offer courses in the Turkish language for undergraduate scholarships. But some of the universities also offer courses in the English language.

Eligibility Criteria For Turkey Undergraduate Scholarship For Degree Program 2021

Candidates must have an impressive academic record for winning the Turkey Scholarship program. Candidates also have good grades as necessary for eligibility criteria.

Bachelor’s degree applicants must have at least 70% marks for applying to Turkey undergraduate scholarship.

For applying for the Turkiye Burslari scholarship, the applicant’s age must not be above 21 years.

All international students can apply except Turkey.

The online applications for the Turkiye Burslari Undergraduate Scholarship 2021 will be accepted before the deadline of Feb 20, 2021.

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