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Terry Liu Te and Ling Mei Shi Relationship in Real Life?

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Terry Liu Te and Ling Mei Shi Relationship in Real Life?

Are Terry Liu Te and Ling Mei Shi Interpret in a Relationship in Real Life? “Cute Bodyguard” is a charming drama that is packed with hilarious storylines. Terry Liu Te and Ling Meishi star in the production. The viewers couldn’t help but crack a smile despite the tension they were experiencing.

Terry Liu Te and Ling Mei Shi Drama

The popular novel “The Most Adorable Bodyguard” was the source material for the television show’s adaptation. In the novel, a young girl named Su Jingjing has a chance to meet with an “escaping” president named Gu Rong, and she inadvertently becomes his personal bodyguard. They provide warmth for one another in a comical succession of “cohabitation life” situations.

Terry Liu Te and Ling Mei Shi Drama

Terry Liu Te and Ling Mei Shi Drama

In point of fact, the casting of the male and female protagonists is of utmost importance. This is in contrast to the charming narrative. The combination of Liu Te and Ling Meishi is really attractive.

Terry Liu Te and Ling Mei Shi Relationship

The two main characters are both new-generation actors who have amazing looks, and the CP is really uplifting thanks to the love that can be seen in each of their eyes.

Su Jingjing, portrayed by Ling Meishi, is the main female character. She unwittingly assists CEO Gu Rong, and as a result, she is selected to be his bodyguard. Su Jingjing’s power level has skyrocketed since she became the successor to the Su dynasty after the 18th generation.

Ling Meishi, who has just started her career as an artist, has a charming and lovely beauty. She was a good choice for the part.

She was also born in 1997, and she had her acting debut in 2019 with a role in the drama “The Love by Hypnotic.” In the show, she portrayed Princess Xi Yue. Both of these women were born in 1997.

As if she were a flower fairy, Ling Meishi exudes a refined and pure air, and the young sparkle in her eyes hints at the inexhaustible sweetness that lies within.

Even though Terry Liu Te garnered a lot of attention because of his remarkable personality and beauty. In the young love drama, it is not simple to interpret the part of the dictatorial CEO; yet, it appears that Liu Te has no trouble getting into character at all. It does not need to add anything else to him because he is already the ideal candidate.

Born in 1997, he made his official debut with his participation in the talent show variety show “CHUANG 2019.” There, his remarkable singing and dancing talents successfully garnered him a large number of followers. Since then, he has gone on to achieve great success.

He made his professional debut in the acting business in the year 2020 and has since participated in a number of dramas, most notably in “Please Feel at Ease Mr Ling,” which established him as a fan favourite among young people for love dramas.

Are Terry Liu Te and Ling Mei Shi in a Relationship in Real Life?

They also interacted pleasantly in the moment when they were filming it, such as by feeding shrimp, joking, holding hands, and hugging each other. As a result, internet users are sceptical that they are actually in a relationship in real life.

Terry Liu Te and Ling Mei Shi Relationship in Real Life

Terry Liu Te and Ling Mei Shi Relationship in Real Life

Despite the fact that the play has a cliched framework, the expansion of the narrative is relatively novel and combined with the outstanding performance of the players, it is really rather charming. As several viewers have mentioned, the programme is fantastic.

In general, the drama has just the right amount of sweetness for everyone.

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