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Pachinko Drama Episode 1: Release Date, Cast Name & Story

Pachinko Kdrama Episode 1 Release Date, Cast Name & Story

Pachinko Kdrama Episode 1 Release Date, Cast Name & Story

When will Pachinko Drama Be Released? Release Date 

Gener: Thriller, Romantic


Release Date: 2021

No.of Season: 1

Network: Apple Tv

Status: Coming

Created By: Soo Hugh

Language: Korean, English, Japanese

Based on: Famous Pachinko Novel

Where you can watch Pachinko Korean drama. Pachinko Korean drama is an apple TV production. Pachinko drama cast the famous Hallyu star Lee min ho. Pachinko Korean dram is the repeat version of a famous novel Pachinko which receives great popularity.

This Pachinko Drama cast is not only Korean but also actors from other countries. Pachinko Korean drama is going to be a famous worldwide production.

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Pachinko Drama Story/ Is pachinko Based on a True Story

Pachinko’s Korean drama is based on the true story of the hopes of the who migrate from Korea. lee min ho is a merchant. He becomes rich by his connection with illegal organizations. But he wants to be pure before his life.

Pachinko Korean drama Summery / Cast Name

Jin Ha will be a young glorious who has to deal with his family’s past.

Anna Sawai is a successful and beautiful woman which is surrounded by high-standard men.

Minha is a brave woman who is living in an unknown country. She is trying to make her own living style.

Soji is a very successful businessman. He is very dedicated to his business. But he is really worried about his son’s future.

Kaho is an independent businesswoman. She longs to reunite with her daughter. She gets separated from her daughter a long time ago.

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Pachinko Korean drama Release Data & Cast Names

Pachinko Drama Cast Lee Min Ho

Lee min ho was born in South Korea. He was born on 22 June 1987. He majored in Film and Art. Lee min ho is the most famous Korean actor and celebrity. He is also a famous celebrity on his Instagram account. Lee min ho got publicity from his drama Boys Over Flower.  After that, he played a very famous role. He works in many dramas and movies.his famous drama The Heirs got publicity all over the world. He works with famous actress Park Shin Hye Heirs.

Lee min ho Drama List

Boys Over Flower

City Hunter

The Heirs

Bounty Hunter

Legend of the Blue Sea

The King Eternal Monarch

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Pachinko Drama Actress Cast Anna Sawai

Anna Sawai is a Japanese New Zealand actress, singer, and model. She was born on June 11, 1992. Sawai grew up in Hong Kong and the Philippines. She moves to Japan to start her acting career. She got popular in her famous movie Ninja Assassins. She is going to play the role in the famous movie Fast & Furious. She is now shooting for the Korean drama  Pachinko.

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Pachinko Drama Actor Cast Jin ha

Jin ha is an American and Model. Jin ha was born in Seoul and then moved to America. He grew up in Hong Kong.

Hot Air


Love Life

Jesus Christ Superstar live in Concert

Pachinko Drama Actress Cast Minha Kim

Minha Kim is a new South Korean 2020 minha Kim will play a role in Main Street. She is currently shooting for Pachinko Korean drama. Minami Kaho is a Japanese actress. She was born on January 20, 1964. Minami is currently shooting for Pachinko Korean drama.

Pachinko Drama Cast Soji Arai

Soji Arai in Japanese actor. He entered the theater after graduating. Soji is the second-generation son of Korean Japanese parents. Soji also acts in many other theaters plays dramas and movies. He moves to America and starts his acting career in Los Angeles.


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