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Mr. Queen Season 2 Episode 1: Release Date

Mr. Queen Season 2 Episode 1 : Release Date

The hit Korean drama ‘Mr. Queen Complete this weekend, but will the series return for Mr.Queen season 2 and if so, when could it be opening? Mr. Queen is a romantic comedy and fantasy tv series directed by Yoon Sung-Sik.

When a brilliant series comes to an end, every viewer instantly starts to wish for another season. This tv series has 20 excellent episodes for about an hour.

This is absolutely the case for the Korean drama ‘Mr. Queen’, which completed its first season this weekend on tvN and Viki.

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The finale may still be only hours away, but fans are formerly desperate to know if the hit series will be renewed and if so when Mr.Queen season 2 could release?


There are some possibilities that Mr. Queen will be renewed for season 2 by tvN, Crave Works, Studio Dragon, or YG STUDIOPLEX because of its popularity.

There are some possibilities that the series will return for another season because of its popularity. On one hand, the series is extremely popular around the world – currently scoring an impressive 8.8/10 on IMDB, 8.9/10 on MyDramaList, and 93% on AsianWiki.

There is also appreciable demand for a second season from fans on social media, which is sure to influence the decision to renew the series.

However, as the series is an adaptation of the now-completed Chinese web series ‘Go Princess Go’, there is no more source material left to renew the second season.

Where there is a hope that an original storyline could be produced, it’s quite rare for this to happen in the world of Korean dramas.

Of course, season 1 has a happy ending. So, the possibility of season 2 is less and there is also not an announcement about season 2  – so we’ll have to wait and see!


As Mr. Queen is yet to be official announced for a second season, there is no information about a possible release date. However, it is possible to make some guesses based on the production of season 1.

The series was declared back in June 2018, but it wasn’t until March 2020 that the first cast members were confirmed. From the first script reading to the beginning, Mr. Queen only took approximately three months.

However, if Mr. Queen is renewed for season 2, then complete a new original script will need to be produced – which will likely take a few months.

An optimistic expectation would be that Mr. Queen season 2 if renewed, could premiere in Fall 2020, but a more realistic forecast would be December 2021.

Mr.Queen season 2 Cast Names: who can be in it?

This series is about fantasy when the body of Kim So Yong(Shin-Hye-sun)changes with Jang Bong(Choi Jin-hyuk) a man from the modern age. Then he wants to go back but cannot. He tries to find a way for his come back. Kim Cheoljong(Kim Jung-Hyun) is the king of the Joseon era. He wants to put an end to corrupt officials. At first, he considered the queen as his enemy. But later on, Queen helps him to fulfill his dream.

Other characters that are useful to the show are Kim Byeong-in(Na In-woo) die in order to save the queen, Jo Hwa-jin(Seol In-ah), Jang Bong-hwan(Choi Jin-hyuk), Royal chef Man Bok(Kim In-Kwon), Queen Sunwon(Bae Jong-ok), Prince Yeonpyeong(Yoo Min-kyu), Kim Jwa-Geun(Kim Tae Woo), Hong Yeon(Chae Seoeun), Kim Hwan(Yoo Young-Jae), Byeolgam Hong(Lee Jae-won), Director Hanpyo-jin(Cheol- Min Lee), Court Lady Choi(Cha Chung-hwa)Dam Hyang(Kang Chae-won). If there will be a Mr.Queen season 2 for this series then most of the actors portraying these characters will return to play their roles.

Mr.Queen season 2 Episode 1/ Story:What can be it about?

By the end of the first season, we see a happy ending. King punishes all corrupt officers and tries to develop his country. Kim So Yong returns in his body and also Jang Bong returns in the modern age. Kim Byeong-indies in order to save the queen.

If there will be Mr.Queen season 2 Episode 1, the story will continue as the king starts to reform his country. There will be the birth of their child. What if Jang Bong again comes in the body of Kim So Yong. So viewers are waiting for the final decision about the Mr.Queen season 2.

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12 thoughts on “Mr. Queen Season 2 Episode 1 Coming Soon | Release Date…”

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    1. Yes please…. Waiting for season 2..I’m happy with the ending but somehow I felt like i was left behind… A strange feeling that I wanted jang bong hwan to stay as soyong and took care of their kid the rest of their lives.. And I felt the king emptiness..he’s heart longing for something and that’s why i was left behind…

  2. I’ve seen so many kdramas saying to myself: when will this end so I could watch a new one. But with Mr. Queen, I was enjoying each episode not realizing I’ve reached the final and wanting more. I just love the queen and king! Yes, it would be a treat to have a season 2 wd the same casts! Congrats to a well made drama!?

  3. Here are reasons for a sequel and reasons not.

    Reasons a sequel could happen: Could better solve the issues with the ending as many saw it being too abrupt and not satisfying in how the main character is supplanted with one that is a stranger to audiences and all the love and accomplishments of Mr. Queen are either forgotten or transferred to this “stranger” with no one remarking on the change or loss. Also, from a financial point, the series was not that expensive to make and was made in a short amount of time yet managed to reach ratings gold and develop a strong following and positive reviews. Additionally, there are still areas that are open enough to continue: questions of whether the king will eventually realize the queen he fell in love with is gone, unresolved romantic triangle between Hong/Yeon/Kwan, evil guys were only exiled and could definitely try and take revenge (rare for big baddies not to be killed). Lastly, the script wouldn’t be hard to write as it was very, very loosely based on the Chinese web drama and the book that Bong was looking at showed the king dying young which, historically, some attribute to poisoning so that could be a reason for him to go back to try and protect him. Only the overall premise was copied and most of the plot and the ending were completely different so season 1 was pretty much 80% original content – season 2 wouldn’t present a challenge.

    Reasons a sequel could not happen: The show has pushed both leads into a higher celebrity status and opened more doors for them. Their schedules could be harder to pin down. Though there are some open-ended cracks that could be pried apart, the first season did wrap up (though poorly) major plot elements and has the king blissfully and ignorantly just accepting the So Yong personality as his queen. While there are antagonists to be had in the Kims, to bring SoBong back would be tricky. I don’t see any way out of it except to have the So Yong character disappear and SoBong stay for good, and I don’t know if the showrunners are brave enough to embrace that concept.

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