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Who Is Lulu Xu Lu Boyfriend Now? Zhang Mingen or Lin Yi

Who Is Lulu Xu Lu Boyfriend Now Zhang Mingen or Lin Yi

Who Is Lulu Xu Lu Boyfriend Now? Zhang Mingen or Lin Yi

Who Is Lulu Xu Lu Boyfriend Now? Zhang Mingen or Lin Yi. The television show “Destiny’s Love” was the catalyst for the romance that blossomed between Xu Lu (also known as Lulu Xu) and Zhang Mingen.

They turned a fake love into a genuine one. Despite this, they parted ways in the end.

When you look back at their past encounters, you can see that when they were in love, they were extremely kind to one another.

Xu Lu Boyfriend

Xu Lu has only been in one committed relationship, and that was with her co-star in Destiny’s Love, Zhang Mingen. Before making their romance public knowledge in 2019, the pair publicly dated and were seen together several times in a variety of settings before making the announcement. They also made appearances in a few different reality series during that time period. The relationship between the two people did not survive 2019, and it ended that year. It is common knowledge that the actress is now single.

Xu Lu Family and Friend

Away from the hustle and bustle of the metropolis in China’s Inner Mongolia, Xu Lu was born into a kind and welcoming family. Although no one else in her family has ever worked in the entertainment industry, they are supportive of her endeavors in this field. She has maintained close relationships with a large number of famous people throughout her career, in addition to her family. She has a close relationship with both Lin Yi and Zhang Han.

Xu Lu House, Cars, Net Worth

In Beijing, the capital city of China, Xu Lu resides in a really lovely apartment. According to the reports, she comes from a very rich family. The interior of her home is exquisitely designed, and its value is in the millions.

She drives about in various stunning automobiles, such as Audis, BMWs, Ferraris, Lamborghinis, and other luxurious brands of cars costing millions of dollars each. The current estimation of Xu Lu’s wealth is 5 Million USD.

When Did Lulu Xu Lu And Zhang Mingen Started Dating

In February 2019, photographs were taken of Xu Lu and Zhang Mingen shopping together in a shopping center while holding hands and shouldering each other affectionately.

During the middle of May of that same year, a member of the internet community saw them in Canada shopping intimately together at a grocery store.

Xu Lu got back from her employment overseas on May 20 of the same year and headed straight back to Beijing. She was greeted by Zhang Mingen upon her arrival at the airport.

On July 25 of that same year, Xiao S questioned Zhang Mingen about his romantic status on her show by inquiring whether or not he was in a relationship. The response he gave was “in a relationship.”

Weibo was the platform on which Xu Lu (also known as Lulu Xu) and Zhang Mingen made the public announcement of their relationship on August 6 of the same year.

Then, they took part in the relationship variety show known as “Meeting Mr Right,” during which they had many minor issues, but still loved each other and interacted with each other sweetly, which made everyone very optimistic about their relationship. Despite the show’s title, the couple did not meet their “Mr Right”.

Nevertheless, there was one event that served as the initial catalyst for the end of their relationship.

During the time that the program was being promoted, Zhang Mingen would always comply with everything Xu Lu asked of him, but if the topic of marriage or the future came up, he would use the phrase “enjoying the current state of love” as an excuse to cut off the conversation.

They had already been seeing each other for more than five months before they made their relationship public.

Who Is Lulu Xu Lu Boyfriend Now Zhang Mingen or Lin Yi

Who Is Lulu Xu Lu Boyfriend Now Zhang Mingen or Lin Yi

Why did When Did Lulu Xu Lu And Zhang Mingen Broke Up?

So, what caused them to part ways? It’s likely due to the fact that Xu Lu was in a rush to be married, whilst Zhang Mingen merely wanted to maintain their present relationship status.

A post titled “A fresh beginning!” was made on Weibo by Xu Lu (also known as Lulu Xu) before the end of 2019.

It caused a lot of admirers to speculate whether or not Xu Lu was ending her relationship with Zhang Mingen. The rumors were quickly dispelled by the affectionate exchanges that took place between them.

They worked together on a photo shoot for the cover of a Valentine’s Day-themed fashion magazine in February 2020.

During the month of April, Zhang Mingen paid Xu Lu a personal visit and the two also filmed an advertisement together. They also shared a present they had received from one another on Weibo on May 20.

Are When Did Lulu Xu Lu And Zhang Mingen Still Together?

All of these things pointed to the fact that they were still together in a romantic partnership.

However, once images of Zhang Mingen and Hu Bingqing traveling together were made public, Zhang Mingen stated that he ended his relationship with Xu Lu at the end of 2019 and denied being in a relationship with Hu Bingqing. As a result, many internet users were upset with him.

Xu Lu (Lulu Xu) did not reply on this topic. She just made a public statement at the end of their relationship.

The members of Xu Lu’s team have expressed their bewilderment over Zhang Mingen’s claim that the couple split up at the end of 2019.

The staff clarified that Xulu’s statement of “A fresh beginning” did not refer to the end of their relationship but rather to the fact that Xu Lu had a new representative. According to the employees of Xu Lu, the day before the incident, Xu Lu unfollowed Zhang Mingen on Weibo. This information was provided.

Xu Lu and Lin Yi Relationship

The best time and the most beautiful time “tells the story of idol singer Liang Chen (played by Xu Lu) and school brother Gu Jing (played by Lin Yi) through the game of “good mind,” and how their connection eventually becomes a reality after playing the game.

Lin Yi gave the role of Gu Jing, a man who was both tall and gorgeous. At school, he was known as a popular high school figure, and he was an exceptional gamer. The singer Liang Chen was someone he looked up to tremendously in his heart. It was pure chance that led to a buddy entrusting him with the responsibility of bringing him. Because Liang Chen participated in the game, the tension in their relationship gradually intensified while they were playing. Later on, the connection ultimately transitioned to an offline setting, and brother and sister started having romantic feelings for one another. In “Good Time, Beautiful Time and Good Time,” Gu Jing will tell you what it’s like to develop feelings for an idol you look up to and how it affects your life.

Who Is Lulu Xu Lu Boyfriend Now Zhang Mingen or Lin Yi

Who Is Lulu Xu Lu Boyfriend Now Zhang Mingen or Lin Yi

Lin Yi, a handsome and cheerful actor who was born in 1999, is currently enrolled in school himself. The ages that he and Gu Jing are shown as having throughout the play are absolutely accurate. 1994 was the year of Xu Lu’s birth. There is a gap of five years in age between the two performers in question here. The age gap between Liang Chen and Gu Jing in “Good Time, Beautiful Time” is equivalent to this “and is consistent with itself.

It is commonly believed that the success of an idol drama may be measured in part by how well its appearance is received. “Good Time and Beautiful Time” Lin Yi and Xu Lu both have a great sense of CP, and the narrative itself is also rather endearing. “Good Time and Beautiful Time” After the program had been aired, it also caused a lot of heat to be generated.

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