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Jessi Boyfriend: Her Crush, Ex-Boyfriends & Dating History

Jessi Boyfriend Her Crush, Ex-Boyfriends & Dating History

Jessi Boyfriend: Her Crush, Ex-Boyfriends & Dating History

Jessi Boyfriend: Her Crush, Ex-Boyfriends & Dating History. Jessica Ho is a singer and rapper based in South Korea. She performs under the stage name Jessi, which is also her real name. Born on the 17th of December in the year 1988 in the state of New York, United States. The hip-hop trio that Jessi is a part of is primarily responsible for her notoriety. As her parents emigrated from South Korea to the United States, Lucky J. Jessi Ho was born in the United States to Korean parents.

Jessi Ho and Jessica Jung both attended Korea Kent Foreign School and received their high school diplomas from that institution. During their time there, Jessi Ho was a classmate of Jessica Jung and Tiffany Young. In 2005, she made her debut as a solo artist with the release of her self-titled debut album. She has more than 15 years of experience working in the entertainment industry in Korea, making her a veteran in the field. She even worked with BTS on a commercial together in 2016, which aired in 2016.

Jessi Ho has, at the very least, had one previous romantic partnership under her belt. Although she has never spoken publicly about her relationships, she did once reveal on the set of the reality show “The Manager” that she had recently ended her relationship with her boyfriend. In the Korean entertainment industry, Jessi Ho’s love life has always been a topic of discussion and speculation among industry insiders. Who exactly is the person that Jessi Ho is dating at the moment?

Full Name Jessi
Age 33
Birth date December 17, 1988
Horoscope Sagittarius
Birth Place New York
Profession Rapper
Net Worth $100,000 – $1M
Martial Status Single
Height 5′ 7″
Ethnicity Unknown
Nationality South Korean
Weight N/A lbs (N/A kg)
Hair Color N/A
Eye Color N/A

Who is Jessi Ho Dating Now?

The American-Korean rapper, who is 33 years old and has never been married, does not have a significant other at this time. Jessi Ho does not like to talk much about her private life, especially when it comes to the topic of her romantic relationships. Her past relationships have been kept mostly under wraps. However, it has been established that Jessi Ho is not currently dating anyone at this time. Even though this may only be for the general public to see, it is still possible that she is having a private relationship with someone or that she is seeing someone else behind closed doors. Because only she can confirm it, we are unable to confirm everything.

Truth Behind Lee Sang Yeob & Jessi Relationship

Jessi Boyfriend Her Crush, Ex-Boyfriends & Dating History

Jessi Boyfriend Her Crush, Ex-Boyfriends & Dating History

The post was inundated with comments from people expressing their support for the two, and some of those people also asked the broadcasting station to stop messing with their feelings because they are aware that the two do not constitute a real couple. Even Nevertheless, the agency that represents Lee Sang Yeob made sure that any rumors that surfaced after the article was published were debunked as soon as possible.

After some time had passed, UNGBIN ENS Entertainment issued a statement clarifying its position regarding the rumors. They set the record straight by claiming that Lee Sang Yeob and Jessi are not in a romantic relationship and that the post was created for comedic purposes only. They drew attention to the final phrase of the caption, which stated unequivocally that the action was carried out for the sake of amusement.

It is common knowledge that Lee Sang Yeob and Jessi have a very well-liked and well-liked love line on the program. As a result, the fans have been interested as to whether or not the two actors have truly been dating one another in real life. The artists have consistently refuted any and all rumors of this nature, and they continue to perform their assigned roles in the show. The third season of ‘Sixth Sense’ is currently airing on the show.

Who Has Jessi Ho Dated?

There is not a lot of information is known about Jessi’s romantic history, however, it is known that she has never been engaged and does not have any children. During an episode of “The Manager,” Jessi once shared some personal details about her romantic life by revealing that she had recently broken up with the man she had been dating for the previous two years. When asked about her ideal type of man after the breakup with her boyfriend, the Korean rapper responded by claiming that she had evolved her preferences.

There were rumors going around that actor Lee Sang Yeob and Jessi Ho were dating in the past. On the set of “The Sixth Sense,” they were both introduced to one another. Even Yoo Jae Suk went to great lengths to prove that Lee Sang Yeob was Jessi’s boyfriend by claiming that he was. Within the context of the show “Sixth Sense,” they continued to add more wood to the fire. Even Jessi Ho herself has admitted that the actor Lee Sang Yeob is a good match for her aesthetic. But as of right now, nothing can be said for certain. It’s possible that they’re seeing each other behind closed doors, and once they’re both single, they’ll make their relationship public.

Who Is Jessi Boyfriend?

Jessi does not have a boyfriend or girlfriend at this time. The rapper has not addressed the situation in any way, either publicly or on social media, and he has not made any statements. Because of her busy schedule, Jessi is unable to find the person she wants to spend her life with or even go on dates.

Did Dumbfoundead and Jessi date?

On February 16, multiple news outlets reported that Jessi was dating Korean-American rapper Dumbfoundead. The relationship was reportedly romantic.

It was said that Jessi and Dumbfoundead had just recently started dating and that they were involved in a relationship that required them to be apart. After checking with Jessi herself, she has stated that she and Dumbfoundead have recently parted ways amicably and have decided to focus on their own work. This information was provided in a response to the report by Jessi’s management company, YMC Entertainment, which stated, “After checking with Jessi herself, she has said that she and Dumbfoundead have recently parted ways amicably.” Due to the sensitive nature of the situation, we are unable to provide any further details at this time.

Jessi Celebrity Crush

On Jessi’s Showterview after her comeback, she performed her most recent single, “What Type of X,” and then went on to reveal additional details about her creative process, PSY’s reaction to her demo, and the circumstances surrounding this comeback. After that, she took on questions from fans and responded to them in a very clear manner, as is her custom. However, it was especially delightful to watch Jessi uncomfortable for once when the question was posed to her about who she had been into recently. She reluctantly admitted that she had feelings for another person, despite the fact that her admirers are well aware that actor Ha Jung Woo is her lifelong obsession. After additional questioning, she revealed that the person in question was a member of BTS and stressed the fact that this specific member had become more masculine as of late. This clue was sufficient for the co-host Cho Jung Shik to arrive at the conclusion that the member in question must be the golden maknae himself, Jungkook!

Jessi Boyfriend Her Crush, Ex-Boyfriends & Dating History

Jessi Boyfriend Her Crush, Ex-Boyfriends & Dating History

Jessi was taken aback by his accurate prediction, and she continued by stating that during the time that she worked as a model alongside BTS, the band members were all rather young. On the other hand, all of them, especially their features, have developed a more manly appearance recently. At this point, Jessi was too embarrassed to continue the conversation, so she swiftly shifted the subject, but not before expressing her wish to have them appear on her program at some point in the future.

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