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Being Nation’s Ideal Type – What’s IU’s Ideal Type 

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Being Nation’s Ideal Type - What’s IU's Ideal Type 

Being Nation’s Ideal Type – What’s IU’s Ideal Type

IU’s Ideal Type, iu ideal type husband, iu crush, iu ideal type quiz, does iu like jungkook, iu ideal type jin goo. Ever since IU made her debut 14 years ago, many people, including celebrities, have referred to her as the perfect example of a woman.

And this does not come as a surprise when one considers how musically accomplished she is as well as how much she gives back to both her employees and the causes in which she believes.

Therefore, it is only logical that even attractive guys have admitted to having a crush on her in the past.

Listed here are ten male celebrities that have identified IU as their ideal type:

1. Jungkook (BTS)

During a previous broadcast, Jungkook mentioned IU as the person that best represents his ideal type. BTS is presently on a mission to take over the globe. Even after hearing all of the other singers’ voices, he chose IU’s as his favorite out of all of them, and he voiced his enthusiasm as a fan.

2. Jay Park

Jay Park has also cited IU as the one that most represents her ideal type. During a previous show, Jay Park took part in something called the “ideal type world cup,” in which he chose IU as his ideal type instead of other female idols like Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon or Eunji from Apink.

3. Lee Dong Wook

The dashing actor Lee Dong Wook previously cited IU as the model for his ideal female counterpart. When Lee Dong Wook was questioned about his ideal type on an old radio program, he stated that he loved someone who is cute like IU. The interview took place in the past. Later, when IU heard this and ran into Lee Dong Wook on another broadcast, she informed him that she had boasted to all of her friends about how he selected her as his ideal type. IU said that she ran into Lee Dong Wook on another broadcast.

4. Yoo Seung Ho

IU is also the actor Yoo Seung Ho’s preferred type, according to Yoo Seung Ho. Yoo Seung Ho admitted on a previous episode of one of his variety shows that he was attracted to ladies that were more like friends to him. In the end, he selected IU as his number one ideal type in the “ideal type world cup.”

5. Sandeul – B1A4

Sandeul, a member of group B1A4, has stated that he is a huge admirer of IU. Sandeul also took part in the “ideal type world cup” on an older variety show, and during his time on the show, he selected IU as his top choice for ideal type.

6. Yoo Jae Hwan

Yoo Jae Hwan, a musician as well as a TV personality, is an enormous supporter of IU. Even after they had their first meeting on the MBC’s Infinite Challenge, he still referred to IU as his ideal type on several occasions. Yoo Jae Hwan has been given the nickname “IU Love” as a result of the numerous occasions on which he has declared his affection for IU.

7. Hyunjae (THE BOYZ)

It’s been established that Hyunjae is the biggest IU fanatic; he’s admitted as much more than once. Even during the pre-debut interview and the interview with WKorea, he said that he was interested in working on a project with her.

8. Jaehyun (NCT)

In addition, Jaehyun pointed to IU as an example of the perfect kind for him.

In addition to that, he picked her to be his perfect duet partner.

9. Minhyuk (BTOB)

It is also well known that Minhyuk has been a long-time fan of IU and that he enjoys covering her music.

10. Suho (EXO)

Since 2012, Suho has demonstrated time and time again that he is IU’s biggest admirer.

Now let’s see what IU’s Ideal Type is:

IU’s Ideal Type

a person who values their alone time prefers to be in their own company for most of their activities. nonetheless, is willing to go out of their way to have fun and enjoy life. They just fall more on the introverted end of the spectrum and are not a pleasure killer at all. a homebody, but not just any homebody; this homebody is an idealist homebody, which means that just because he’s at home and enjoys being in doesn’t imply that he isn’t always doing something new and producing. This is someone who, depending on the circumstances, might have a fiery disposition (be very obstinate) and a lot of personalities. someone who is capable of having many ideas and who is not frightened to just feel their own suffering. This is the kind of person that enjoys sharing both the highs and lows, the blessings and the curses, the wealth and the want in their life because they are kind and loving. This individual exudes charm and elegance at the same time. honestly, a nice personality to go along with a wonderful face. incredible taste and flair for fashion. someone who romanticizes things and appreciates the concepts behind them the most. It refers to a person who seems unreal, almost like an illusion, and who takes pleasure in engaging in escapism and wandering aimlessly.

Being Nation’s Ideal Type - What’s IU's Ideal Type 

Being Nation’s Ideal Type – What’s IU’s Ideal Type

What IU Looks For in a Relationship

He is courting with the intent of marriage. She is looking for the love that is perfect for her, one that is destined for her. someone who will encourage her to listen more closely to her heart is someone who inspires her. someone she has enough faith in to allow her to have children with them. She is seeking for someone special in a serious way. She seeks the fundamentals of a relationship, such as loyalty, faithfulness, mutual understanding, and consistency. someone who has their thoughts organized, who is aware of what they desire, and who desires it with her. She is seeking for a person or a plan that will make her want to follow through, something that will truly interest and draw her, and something that will be in line with her ethics, values, and so on. She is searching for someone to share a profound love with. It is important to her to make new friends. She is doing everything she can to move on with her life and find something that will be better for her. She has reached the point where she believes she is prepared to go forward with her healing from all of those previous relationships.

How IU will be in a Relationship

a very principal one. It has the feel of a movie in the way it’s been put together. She plays this role of skepticism, maintaining an attitude of perpetual skepticism and uncertainty towards love and the interactions she has with other people. “is this something that I desire, and is this something that we want?” She takes on the responsibility of ensuring that what she is putting herself into is appropriate, of maintaining the status quo or, on the other side, of obliterating the situation entirely. She is perpetually insecure about both her relationship with her significant other and her life in general. It’s almost as if she has no idea how she should behave, whether what she’s doing is right or bad, or whether she’s even permitted to do it. She assumes the character of the generous giver and provider. She is forward-thinking and focused on the foal. considers each of these human necessities to be of the utmost importance. She plays the thoughtful, extremely thoughtful part in the relationship. the dominant aspect, she is self-assured and trustworthy, and she is the one who takes decisions. She is the one that always takes the initiative and leads the group. she is a caretaker in the sense that she takes on duties, she leads, and she makes all of these decisions; nevertheless, she is also kind and kind, and she harbors a great deal of love. However, she is always on the move “mean girl,” “distant,” and “cold” end since she is perpetually concerned with how vigilant she is and always worried that she would make the wrong move because she is continuously thinking about her movements and her future. to a certain extent paranoid.

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