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IU’s Celebrity Achieve All-Kill On Real-Time Charts

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IU’s Celebrity Achieve All-Kill On Real-Time Charts


On January 27 the song has reached No.1 on the real-time charts of Bugs, Genie, and FLO, And attain the top one position on Melon’s 24 Hit Chart.

This song was released on January 27 as pre-released for an upcoming album, and it has been wide-ranging on real-time music charts.

In three hours IU’s Celebrity hit the top position on Melon Chart.

A certified title of All-Kill is given to Celebrity as it is No.1 on the Melon chart, daily, and real-time chart of Gennie and Bugs.

IU,s celebrity has the #1 position of Vibe.

Celebrities achieve the first position on Melon’s chart.

The iChart celebrity is certified as All-Kill.

Congratulations to IU.

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