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How to get scholarship in Australia 2021

How to get a scholarship in Australia 2021 | Australia Scholarship

How to get a scholarship in Australia 2021  Australia Scholarship

How to get a scholarship in Australia 2021 Australia Scholarship

Many international students want to get a scholarship for their studies in Australia. In this article, we will discuss with you some scholarship tips. And some advice to guide you for scholarship applications that can increase your chances of receiving a scholarship. Also, we will completely guide you on how to get a scholarship in Australia 2021.

Participate in community life For Australia Scholarship

Many scholarships for international students are based on academic merit or need financial support. But remember that there are some scholarships awarded for community participation. That includes participation in community groups, clubs, and sporting teams or games. Australian institutions often look for students who are active in their community groups and show leadership qualities. So make sure to mention any relevant activities in your scholarship program cover letter. Even though you are applying for academic or financial need scholarships, community participation can improve/support your application.

Apply for as many scholarships as possible

There are many scholarship opportunities in the world and also in Australia, so we highly recommend you to apply for as many as possible. Don’t limit yourself to some educational institutions. Scholarships can also be offered by colleges, the Australian Government, international organizations, and the government. University scholarships for international students are often awarded by specific faculties or departments, so make sure to enquire with your faculty. Many are only available to international students who are entering particular courses and are from certain countries.

Ask for help with applications

Scholarship applications are quite much important. They often seem to be the only means of awarding scholarships. It is important that your application is clear and without any mistake. Unfortunately, any simple mistake can result in your application being rejected by University. Common mistakes are related to spelling and grammar issues and lack of detail and poor presentation. It is necessary to prevent any mistakes when you apply for scholarships. Ask a trustworthy person who is fluent in English to review your application thoroughly, such as a friend, parent, or teacher.

Read the scholarship criteria carefully

Before applying for a scholarship, it is necessary to check that you have submitted the documents that are required. Also, make sure that your application for a scholarship meets the given deadline. Try to answer all questions asked in sufficient detail. Supporting documents may include a personal statement, a letter of offer, your employment history, or an English language proficiency letter. Some documents may need to be certified or translated before submitting. Lastly, if you have any question about your application, you must ask the scholarship provider before submission to make it sure you have applied correctly.

How to Apply For Australia Scholarship

Before applying for the scholarship through Submitting  Application follow these instructions

  • read the required list of documentation and information on this website
  • Check  eligibility criteria
  • consider goals and field of study
  • prepare for required documentation
  • At last, submit your application on OASIS.

language requirements

To be an eligible candidate for an Australia Awards, you must meet certain requirements in English language proficiency. The result is valid as of 1 January 2022. At a minimum, you must have:

  •  IELTS  overall score of at least 6.5 bands with no band less than 6.0; or
  • TOEFL internet-based test score of at least 84, with a minimum of 21 in all sub-tests;
  • Or a PTE Academic overall score of 58 with no communicative skill score less than at least 50.

Candidates with disabilities or who meet the eligibility criteria can submit an application with an IELTS score of 6.0 band with no band less than 5.0. But if they are selected, they must re-sit an English Language Proficiency test. They have to achieve the required score before they can take up their Award.


The Applicants who accepted an Australia Awards Scholarship must sign a contract with the Commonwealth of Australia. They will comply/agree with the conditions of the Australia Awards. Scholarships holders are required to leave Australia within a minimum of two years after completing their degree program.

Important Note

Please be aware of false advertising and scams. Only refer to this website’s resources and the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade’s website for information regarding the application process for Australia Awards Scholarships. No money is required for an Australia Awards opportunity at any phase of the process.

How to Apply 

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