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Han Ji-min Husband: Her Ex-Boyfriends & Dating History

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Han Ji-min Husband Her Ex-Boyfriends & Dating History

Han Ji-min Husband: Her Ex-Boyfriends & Dating History

Han Ji-min Husband: Her Ex-Boyfriends & Dating History. Han Ji-min was born on Friday, November 5th, 1982, in the city of Seoul, which is the capital of South Korea. Her given name is Han Ji-min, and as of the time this article was written, she has 39 years under her belt. People who were born on November 5 fall under the sign of Scorpio according to the zodiac. Her astrological sign is canine, hence the dog is the animal that best reflects her.

Han Ji-min Profile:

Full Name Han Ji-min
Age 39
Birth-date November 5, 1982,
Horoscope Scorpio
Birth Place South Korea
Profession TV Actress
Net Worth $100,000 – $1M
Martial Status Single
Height 5′ 3″
Ethnicity Unknown
Nationality South Korean
Weight N/A lbs (N/A kg)
Hair Color N/A
Eye Color N/A

Han Ji-min Dating History

Although Han Ji-min does not currently have a husband, there have been allegations in the past that she was involved in a handful of romantic relationships with other people. Especially considering how she brought such stunning and genuine chemistry to the screen and how she brought her fellow cast members even closer to her.

Hyun Bin

During the years 2014 and 2015, the actor Hyun Bin co-starred with Han Ji-min in the television dramas The Fatal Encounter and Hyde, Jekyll, and Me respectively. Their chemistry was brought to a lot of people’s notice as a result of Hyde, Jekyll, and me. She portrayed the part of Jang Ha-na, the leader of a circus that was located in an amusement park called Wonderland, in that drama.

She had a meeting with Goo Seo-jin, who is portrayed by Hyun Bin and is the director of Wonderland. Due to his mental condition, Goo Seo-jin secretly possesses two personas; the genuine one is Robin, and the “false” one is Goo Seo-jin. Ha-na inevitably develops feelings for Robin, although she is unaware of his true identity at the time.

Both Han Ji-min and Hyun Bin were presented with such convincing chemistry throughout the drama that it gave the impression that they were dating in real life. But those allegations are nothing more than that: rumors, because the reality is that they would never date each other.

Han Ji-min Husband Her Ex-Boyfriends & Dating History

Han Ji-min Husband Her Ex-Boyfriends & Dating History

However, Han Ji-min used to say that she had a crush on one of her coworkers in the past, but that she eventually got over it since there was a stunning woman who approached him. Although there have been a lot of rumors circulating that it was Hyun Bin and his wife Son Ye Jin, this information has not been verified.

Gong Yoo and Jung Woo-sung

Han Ji-name min’s has been connected to a number of her male co-stars, including Gong Yoo and Jung Woo-sung, in addition to Hyun Bin. Indeed, the actress used to claim that the reason she had such a genuine connection with her co-stars was that she secretly had a crush on every one of them.

She co-starred with Gong Yoo in the film named “The Age of Shadows,” and she co-starred in the drama “Padam Padam” with Jung Woo-sung. Han Ji-min also acted in both of these projects. Not only did Han Ji-min and Jung Woo-sung appear together in the acting project, but they also captured the attention after both of them were named as honorary police officers by the former President of South Korea Moon Jae-in back in 2017.

Han Ji-min Husband Her Ex-Boyfriends & Dating History

Han Ji-min Husband Her Ex-Boyfriends & Dating History

Many supporters believed that they looked quite cute together when they were dressed in matching outfits. However, there was still no evidence to support the rumors that Han Ji-min dated either Gong Yoo or Jung Woo-sung. During this time, Han Ji-min and Gong Yoo also garnered a significant amount of attention as a result of The Age of Shadows.

Lee Jin-wook

The entertainment company BH Entertainment, which represents both the actress Han Ji-min and the actor Lee Jin-wook, uploaded a video to its official YouTube page on February 17 in the afternoon with the title “BHIND synergy king and queen.” The video was titled “Jimin x Jin-naughty wook’s trick on each other.”

According to the author, these two are “the world-famous chemical king and queen.” This is the behind-the-scenes video that some people may have never seen before, but no one who has seen it has only viewed it once if they have seen it at all. The attractiveness, communication abilities, and sense of humour of these individuals are what have contributed to their immense popularity in this country. The caption says, “Enjoy it now, without having to wait,” therefore that’s exactly what you should do.

As can be seen in the video, the actors Han Ji-min and Lee Jin-Wook took a break for lunch when they were filming the movie “Happy New Year.” The proprietor of the restaurant says to Han Ji-min as he gives over an additional plate, “Since you’re so pretty, I’ll give you a discount on both of these meals.” People are distinguished not by their appearance but by their hearts, and Lee Jin-Wook said that she has “a truly wonderful heart.”

“Could you please explain to me the purpose of the photograph you’re taking? the owner of the business queried. Han Ji-min provided an explanation, saying, “I’m seeing it as an opportunity to leave some memories.” She justified it by saying, “Because we were both dressed the same,” referring to the fact that she and the actor were cast in the same part. In addition, Lee Jin-wook makes a jest about getting married the next month by saying, “Let’s get married next month,” and Han Ji-min asks the proprietor, “Do you think we’ll be able to pull it off?

The proprietor continued by saying, “I feel he will be of tremendous use to you.” I believe he will be polite. I believe he will be helpful. Regarding Lee Jin-Wook, she stated, “He gives off the impression of being a family guy.”

Han Ji-min Husband Her Ex-Boyfriends & Dating History

Han Ji-min Husband Her Ex-Boyfriends & Dating History

On the other hand, Han Ji-min stated, “I think it’ll be problematic,” and Lee Jin-Wook commented to the proprietor, “You saw it perfectly.” I am having a hard time with it. The only reason I put up with her is because of her good looks. He went on to explain that his happiness was contingent upon her physical attractiveness.

After the proprietor realized that they were a couple that was ready to get married, she said, “Please come back when you are married.” She then screamed with joy, “I’ll provide you with some free dinners.” After the proprietor understood that it was all a joke, she asked for an autograph and stated that she would gift it to her grandkids if she received one. In addition, she expressed her happiness by saying, “It’s an honor to meet you in this manner.” (It’s an honor to meet you in this manner.)

Is Han Ji-min Dating Anyone?

According to the information that we have, Han Ji-min is not presently involved in any romantic relationships at this time.

Seoul, the capital of South Korea, is where the South Korean television actress celebrated her 35th birthday on November 5th, 1982. This well-known actress from South Korea is most recognized for her roles in the television shows Capital Scandal, Rooftop Prince, and Padam Padam. She is also noted for her other acting roles. As a result of her work in the drama Resurrection, she was considered for two KBS Drama Award nominations.

Who Is Han Ji-min Husband?

There has been no wedding for Han Ji-min yet. However, she is not married at this time. As is the case with the vast majority of famous people, Han Ji-min wants to keep her private life, including her romantic relationships, a secret. Because of this, we highly recommend that you revisit this page on a regular basis as we will continue to update it with any fresh dating news or rumors that we hear.

Han Ji-min Boyfriend

The current situation finds Han Ji-min single and without a lover.

All of the dating histories on our site have their veracity checked and verified by other members. We rely on information and resources that are open to the public so that we may be certain that the dating figures and biographies we provide are accurate.

Han Ji-min Husband Her Ex-Boyfriends & Dating History

Han Ji-min Husband Her Ex-Boyfriends & Dating History

Is Han Ji-min Married?

As of the year 2023, Han Ji-min is not involved with any other person romantically. Han is 39 years old. She is still not married yet.

Han Ji-min Net Worth

The South Korean television actress, who is now 39 years old, has had a fruitful career thus far. The value of Han Ji-net min is between one hundred thousand and one million dollars. Estimates of Han Ji-value min’s on the internet are all over the place, despite the fact that there are many different sites that talk about her earnings and how much she gets paid, as well as her net worth.

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