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English 1st Year paper Pattern 2021-11th Class Punjab Board

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English 1st Year Paper Pattern 2021-11th Class Punjab All Boards

English 1st Year Paper Pattern 2021-11th Class Punjab All Boards

If you are of those students who are looking for an English 1st-year paper pattern or pairing assessment scheme then you can view it on this website easily. Paper schemes play a major role in the preparation of exams. The following scheme is valid for Punjab all boards. We have discussed paper patterns according to the latest updates according to the smart syllabus. We have also discussed important chapters so students can easily pass their exams. But if you want to get high marks then you can also get high marks by following the scheme. It’s necessary to follow paper schemes to perform excellently in the exams.

English 1st Year Paper Pairing With Marks Details

11th Class English paper consists of actually two parts. The first part is the objective part or Mcqs part which only consists of MCQs and the second part consists of subjective parts which include short questions. There are a total of 20 MCQs and each carries equal marks individually.

Objective Section = Only MCQs (20 Marks)

English 11th class paper pattern has an Objective part that contains 20 MCQs and there is no choice option in any MCQ. 30 minutes are given to solve this paper part.

There will be 10 MCQs related to synonyms.

5 MCQs from the book.

5 MCQs related to the correct use of verbs.

Subjective Section

Question No. 2 : (Attempt any 6 from 9) 12 marks.

9 questions will come from Book stories you have to solve six questions. Some students often confused about the length of the answer to the question. Maximum 4 to 6 line answer is the best answer for any question but sometimes some questions have a very small answer from 2 to 3 lines.

Question No. 3: (Attempt any 5 out of 8) 10 marks.

8 questions from plays and you need to solve any 5 questions. and the answer length should be consist of at least 4 lines.

Question No. 4: (Attempt any 4 out of 7) 8 marks.

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7 questions from poems and the candidate need to solve any 4 questions. As we have already discussed each question’s answer length should be at least 4 lines.

Question No. 5: (Application or Letter)

In this part, you can choose an application or letter. Some students feel easy to write an application and some feel good to write a letter as its student choice. But you need to solve only 1.

Question No. 6: (Moral Stories)

This part only consists of moral stories. You will be given a moral of a story or title of a story and you have to write about 300 to 350 words. Students should solve this part at the end.

Question No. 7:  (Poem Stanza or Punctuation or pair of words)

In this part, you have 3 choices  Poem Stanza, Punctuation, and pair of words. But it’s easy to solve a pair of words so focus on it.

Question No. 8: (Translation)

The last part of the paper is translation. You will be given an English paragraph from the short stories of the book and you have to translate it into Urdu.

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