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BTS to release ‘BE (Essential Edition)’ on February 19, 2021

BTS to release ‘BE (Essential Edition)’ on February 19, 2021

BTS is going to release their new album BE on February 19. Global k-pop star BTS released their new edition of the album poster. Through this album, they will show their appreciation to all the fans. Fans stand for BTS in their difficult time and help them to make their history.

BTS to release ‘BE (Essential Edition)’ on February 19, 2021

BTS to release ‘BE (Essential Edition)’ on February 19, 2021

On January 24 via Weverse social media app, BTS made an announcement about their

New BE ( Essential Edition ) will be released on February 19.

It’s all thanks to fans for their affection and love so BTS can enjoy the world full of love and affection in 2020. BTS is No.1 on Billboard Hot 100 and Grammy award holder 2020. At every moment of fans when they feel and enjoy our music, BTS is Thankful for it. They further said with BE ( Essential Edition ), we hope to show our deepest feeling and emotion to all fans. These fans help the BTS in their most difficult time and make their history.

Additional thanks for the 2021 journey, and we hope we will together make our new history in 2021. We are asking for your love for the new BE ( Essential Edition ).

This album contains all the famous original tracks of BTS  ‘Life Goes On’, ‘Fly To My Room’, ‘Blue & Grey’, ‘Skit’, ‘Telepathy’, ‘Dis-ease’, ‘Stay’ and ‘Dynamite’. The album contains several new editions from previous records. This album is a gift for our fans. This surprise will be revealed one by one after February 19.

Life Goes On’,  BTS track earns No.1 rating on Billboard. Dynamite earn a No.1 rating on the 100 Chart. This is the first Korean song that earns a No,1 rating. BTS is also nominated for the Grammy Award.

In BE ( Essential Edition ) they show their mixed feelings of joy and anxiety.

That’s why the title of the album stands for ‘to be’  or existence. Because after all these feelings we overcome them.

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