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Who Is BTS Suga Girlfriend, Crush, Ex-Girlfriend, Ideal Type & Dating History

Who Is BTS Suga Girlfriend, Crush, Ex-Girlfriend, Ideal Type & Dating History

Who Is BTS Suga Girlfriend, Crush, Ex-Girlfriend, Ideal Type & Dating History

Who Is BTS Suga Girlfriend, Crush, Ex-Girlfriend, Ideal Type & Dating History. Min Yoongi is a North Korean rapper who is most well known as Suga BTS. He has recently earned a significant amount of recognition with the song “Deachwita,” which is featured on his newly released solo album. The 9th of March, 1993 found him being brought into the world in the city of Daegu, which is found in the country of South Korea. Suga, a member of the band BTS, will have reached the age of 27 in the year 2020. his height is 5’9″ in Feet.

Suga Biography

Suga is exceptionally bright and clever, earning a score of 148 on the standard scale measuring intelligence. He is not involved with anyone romantically at this time since he is focused entirely on advancing his professional career. According to the Zodiac, Pisces is his astrological sign. His most recent song, “Agust D,” Daechwita, has been gaining traction recently in terms of popularity. This song is his first attempt at working on music on his own, and it was recorded on May 22nd, 2020. Although Min Yoongi tends to keep to himself, he has built solid ties with the other members of BTS despite his more reclusive personality. Because he wants to be a part of BTS for as long as possible and because he spends the bulk of his time with the group, he has declared that BTS is his family and that he may even say it is larger than his family. This is because he wants to be a member of the group for as long as possible. J-hoap is her best buddy within the context of BTS. Because Kim Taehyung, Jeon Jungkook, and Park Jimin never afforded Suga any space of his own, these three members of the group are the most aggravating of the bunch.

BTS Suga Profile:


Real Name Min Yoongi
Nickname Suga, Agust D
Birthday 9 March 1993
Age 29 years old as of 2022
Birthplace Daegu. South Korea
Height 5’9″ in Feet
Zodiac Sign Pisces
Nationality Korean
Profession Rapper, Songwriter, Dancer
Relationship Status Single
Net Worth 12 million
Favorite Color Blue

Who Is BTS’ Suga Girlfriend?

Min Yoon-gi, better known as Suga with the band BTS, has gained popularity all over the world. He not only has amazing aesthetics and musical skill, but he also exudes a genuine attitude that intrigues ladies about his love life or makes them want to be his girlfriend. He not only has excellent musical abilities, but also stunning graphics.

Is BTS’ Suga Dating Anyone?

Suga is now one of the most famous K-pop idols, so many of his fans want to know if he has a girlfriend or not. Suga is not dating anyone right now because he is so busy with his activities with the other members of BTS. There is no proof that Suga has a girlfriend, which could be because he is not in a relationship or because he doesn’t want to talk about his personal life with the public.

Even though he doesn’t have a girlfriend at the moment, Suga has been rumored to be dating a number of other K-pop stars in the past. What are their names? Take a look at the information in this article!


IU, a famous female K-pop singer, and actor was the first high-profile figure to be romantically linked to Suga of BTS. Since they were little, Suga and IU were inseparable because of their same birthday. When they decided to work together on a project, their romance blossomed.

The new track “Eight,” on which Suga and IU collaborated, is out now. The song, which featured Suga and was produced by her, was met with universal acclaim. IU elaborated on the rapid progress they made toward their goal, to which Suga responded with high praise.

Because of their chemistry together, fans wanted to see more of a personal connection between Suga and IU, therefore dating rumors began to circulate before it was officially verified. But IU and Suga are more than pals; they’re reliable business partners as well.

Red Velvet’s Wendy

Suga has been said to have had an affair with both IU and Wendy of Red Velvet. Eventually, the tale became viral after Suga and Wendy shared the stage during a live event. After their fantastic performance together on stage, many people began to think that Suga and Wendy made a lovely couple.

Red Velvet’s Wendy

Red Velvet’s Wendy

It was speculated by fans that Suga and Wendy were romantically engaged after they were spotted greeting each other at many concerts. Suga and Wendy were rumored to be dating, however, it turned out that they weren’t. Management organizations Big Hit and SM Entertainment both kept mute in reaction to the news. What do you think about this issue, gentlemen?

BTS’ Suga Girlfriend in Real Life

There is no question that Suga had romantic involvement in the past, long before he debuted with BTS. It has come to light that when both were still in middle school, Suga had a romantic involvement with a female pupil. On the radio, Suga also made this confession.

In the year after he made his first friend in middle school, Suga dated a girl for a while. As time went on, their friendship blossomed into something more serious between them. Unfortunately, Suga’s reticence prevented the two of them from easily settling into a satisfying rhythm with one another.

It also led to the end of their love engagement, since it was his girlfriend’s decision to cease their romantic involvement and request that they remain friends instead. Suga felt the typical heartbreak following the split, but he gradually accepted her decision.

Suga reflected on his behavior toward her and realized that he could have treated her with more respect if he could go back in time. In fact, Suga had written an emotional letter to his exes. This is an overview of the letter that Suga wrote to his ex-girlfriend and it goes as follows:

“If I could change the past, I would treat [her] with far more dignity. More than that, I know that I could have done much more to help her. Let her know how much I’ve always admired her. I sincerely regret how I treated you.

Who Is BTS Suga Girlfriend, Crush, Ex-Girlfriend, Ideal Type & Dating History

Who Is BTS Suga Girlfriend, Crush, Ex-Girlfriend, Ideal Type & Dating History

You must have been deeply wounded and disappointed by my behavior. When I think back on our history, that time is among the happiest memories that stand out to me. I appreciate you being there with me through this.

Suga Celebrity Crush

As the second-to-last member of BTS, Yoongi has come clean about his obsession with Scarlett Johansson.

BTS Suga Ideal Type of Girl

Suga of BTS is quite particular about the type of girl he dates. Although he has stated in the past that he is not choosy about his ideal type, it is apparent that a strong initial impression is quite essential to him. Suga continued by saying that the inner qualities of a person matter more to him than their physical appearance.

It’s commonly known at this point that Suga is not currently dating anybody, however, he has undoubtedly experienced romantic love in the past. We’re crossing our fingers that BTS’s Suga finds true love soon.

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