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BTS returned to Korean shows after 4 years, what is the attitude of Jungkook towards the MC who hurt him?

BTS returned to Korean shows after 4 years, what is the attitude of Jungkook towards the MC who hurt him

BTS returned to Korean shows after 4 years, what is the attitude of Jungkook towards the MC who hurt him

BTS is scheduled to appear on tvN entertainment program in the 99th episode “You Quiz on the Block” on the 24th. BTS is recently appearing on domestic shows, at the end of the regular broadcast of “You Quiz” on the 17th of last week, the 99th BTS special trailer was released. There was a lot of attention drawn. A high school girl appeared in episode 81 of the show “You Quiz” as the main character. She danced on BTS’s song Dynamite, and αccídєntally reached 7 million views. Later on, she revealed that she is a BTS fan (ARMY).

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At a moment, she danced as if pointing at the camera, and MC Yoo Jaeseok, who saw this, said: “Who are you going to cursє at?” Accordingly, in the trailer released by “You Quiz”, Jungkook recreated the dance “Who are you going to cursє at?” under the Dynamite background music. This caused Yoo Jaeseok, Jo Seho, and all the members of BTS to laugh

After the broadcast of this show, the scene became viral and attracted a lot of excited responses on many different social platforms. Jungkook’s humor has increased the anticipation of the new episode of “You Quiz” many times higher. While on the other side, it is not only this that Jungkook has garnered the topic through parody.

In Episode 127, BTS struggled through the “Lucky Seven” game that started in the previous episode. When V sulkily worked on his penalty. Which was a solo game of dominos, and Jungkook suddenly said, Do you know why Usain Bolt was on 1st no? Because he went until the end. The Golden Maknae was referencing a quote by rapper Swings.

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In 2016, Swings mentioned Usain Bolt during his performance at a university. He said, “Do you know why Usain Bolt is the fastest runner in the world? It’s because he went all the way.” Rapper Swings thanked BTS Jungkook, who proverb the quote “Usain Bolt”, saying, “Wow, BTS Jungkook-nim’s jackpot man”. It was shown one after another and attracted great attention, and various appearances following Show Me the Money 9’s Mersh Venom, running man Lee Kwang-soo’s mosquito dance, etc, are also catching the topic.

Not only telling funny jokes, but Jungkook also attracted viewers with his handsome looks in his blond hair and flawless skin. In the trailer, Jungkook shows off his brilliant skin in an all-black outfit and is proud of his flawless handsome looks. Also, he exudes a masculine and mature look that creates an aura of a world star.

Besides this, in the trailer, Jungkook also smiles very cutely, wears animal earplugs, and always radiates cheerful, active energy. Through the humor Jungkook showed in the short trailer, the expectation for the upcoming episode of “You Quiz” is increasing. Viewers are always looking forward to seeing in this program what secrets about BTS boys will be announced.

Stay tuned for a special BTS episode of “You Quiz on the Block” that will be broadcast at 8:40 p.m. on March 24.

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