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BLACKPINK’s Rosé’s Solo: Here’s Everything To Know

BLACKPINK’s Rosé’s Solo: Here’s Everything To Know

BLACKPINK's Rosé's Solo Here's Everything To Know , BLACKPINK's Rosé's Solo stage

BLACKPINK’s Rosé’s Solo Here’s Everything To Know , BLACKPINK’s Rosé’s Solo stage

After the solo performance of Jennie in 2018, the fans are waiting for the solo performance of Blackpink Rose. YG entertainment is now making a big surprise for the Rose fans. In 2021 they are launching the Blackpink Rose solo performance. This year is the Blackpink Rose Blink’s year. Here is every detail you need to know for Blackpink Rose solo  Performance.

Blackpink’s Blink stood for them in every difficult moment and supported them. After Jennie solo. They are continuously wanting Rose solo. They continuously call YG entertainment to allow other members to show their talent a solo. In September 2020 the company promised to release their solo but it could not happen.

But now in 2021 Rose’s solo is finally coming. Fans are the most desperate person on this planet and they make this happen. Now get ready because this year is becoming more excited for Blinks.OSEN entertainment website has confirmed that Rose’s solo will come in January after the Blackpink stage performance on 31 January 2021. Everyone is asking when this girl will make her debut. Agency in June 2020 said that Rose will be the first to release her solo. We have already completed her song and we are planning to release a digital album. So it might take more time than expected. Right now they did not confirm the title of rose’s solo performance.

Rose Solo Song

Considering the talent of rose melodious voice we can imagine that her song will also be melodic. She is also known as the ‘golden voice’ of Blackpink.

After Blackpink’s Netflix documentary of ‘Light Up the Sky’, she said that she is afraid of getting to the studio and writing something. Blackpink Rose further explained ‘I don’t know if this is right but I feel I scare myself the most’.Netflix teaser showed her talent of melody voice with Piano. As the date is not yet confirmed for Solo and the agency said they are looking for a good release date we can expect it on her birthday on 11 February 2021.

Blinks get excited after Jennie’s V-log on Youtube for her fans. So it is expected that Rose will prepare the same surprise for her fans.

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