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Are Ja and First Dating Now? JaFirst Relationship in Real Life

Are Ja and First Dating Now? JaFirst Relationship in Real Life

Are Ja and First Dating Now? JaFirst Relationship in Real Life

The world of entertainment often blurs the lines between fiction and reality, especially when it comes to the electrifying chemistry between actors. Ja (Phachara Suansri) and First (Chalongrat Novsamrong), collectively known as JaFirst among fans, have become a beloved BL (Boys’ Love) couple on-screen, captivating viewers with their heartfelt portrayals of love and romance. As their on-screen chemistry sizzles, it’s only natural for fans to wonder if their connection extends beyond the script. In this exploration, we delve into the speculations and whispers surrounding JaFirst’s real-life relationship and whether their on-screen romance has blossomed into something more profound.

Who Is Ja Phachara Suansri?

Phachara Suansri, affectionately known as Ja, is a versatile Thai talent who has ventured into various fields, leaving an indelible mark in each. Born on April 6, 1998, this 25-year-old has a compelling story to tell. While his passion for aviation led him to graduate from aviation school in 2020 as a fully qualified pilot, his journey in the entertainment world took flight in 2018 when he made his acting debut in the project “Beauty Boy.” However, it was in 2021 that he truly soared, landing his first main role in the series “Close Friend.” Ja’s interests extend beyond the silver screen; he is the proud owner of “A Little Tree House,” a small business specializing in nurturing potted miniature trees and cacti. With a promising career and a green thumb, Ja Phachara Suansri continues to captivate hearts both in the skies and on-screen.

First Chalongrat Novsamrong

Chalongrat Novsamrong, affectionately known as “First,” is a multifaceted Thai talent whose journey has taken him from the world of music to the spotlight of acting and beyond. Born on April 9, 1998, at the age of 25, First has already achieved notable success in various domains. He initially gained recognition as a member of the boy band Cute Chef, which, regrettably, disbanded in 2018. However, his transition into acting was seamless, commencing with his debut in the 2017 film “Ruk Tur Hai Noy Long” and followed by his small-screen debut in 2018 with “Social Death Vote.”

Are Ja and First Dating Now? JaFirst Relationship in Real Life

Are Ja and First Dating Now? JaFirst Relationship in Real Life

Balancing his artistic pursuits with academics, First is enrolled at King Mongkut’s University of Technology, North Bangkok. His commitment to excellence extends to his passion for badminton, which he has skillfully practiced throughout his high school and university years.

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Beyond the realms of entertainment and education, First wears yet another hat as the proud owner of Noun. Bangkok, is a distinguished bakery specializing in delectable French pastries. With his versatile talents and entrepreneurial spirit, First Chalongrat Novsamrong is undoubtedly a rising star with a bright future ahead in the Thai entertainment industry and beyond.

Who Is JaFirst?



JaFirst is not a single individual but rather a term used to refer to the on-screen pairing of two Thai actors, Ja (Phachara Suansri) and First (Chalongrat Novsamrong), in the Boys’ Love (BL) series. This term is often used by fans to denote their collaboration and chemistry as a couple in these BL series. JaFirst has gained popularity among fans of Thai BL dramas due to the chemistry and performances of the two actors in various series where they have portrayed romantic relationships. It’s important to note that JaFirst is a fan-created term to celebrate their on-screen partnership and is not a real-life couple.

JaFirst Bl Drama

Ja (Phachara Suansri) and First (Chalongrat Novsamrong) have been making waves in the Thai BL (Boys’ Love) series scene with their continuous presence in three consecutive series. Their dedication to the genre has garnered them a devoted following and critical acclaim.

First, Ja, and the rest of the talented cast have left an indelible mark on the hearts of viewers, as they navigate complex relationships and deliver captivating performances. Their roles in “Don’t Say No,” “Remember Me,” and “Be Mine SuperStar” showcase their versatility and ability to bring depth to their characters.

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Fans eagerly anticipate each new project, as Ja and First’s on-screen chemistry and compelling storytelling continue to captivate audiences, solidifying their status as prominent figures in the world of Thai BL series. Their commitment to the genre and their craft promises even more exciting and heartwarming stories to come.

JaFirst Chemistry

JaFirst Chemistry

JaFirst Chemistry

The chemistry between Ja (Phachara Suansri) and First (Chalongrat Novsamrong) is undeniably electric, and their status as a beloved Thai couple in the world of BL series is firmly established. Their immense popularity is a testament to the genuine connection they share on-screen. The fact that they’ve already starred together in three BL series speaks volumes about the depth of affection they’ve garnered from their dedicated fan base. Their on-screen chemistry is nothing short of remarkable, and their visuals complement each other beautifully, making them an irresistible pairing that keeps fans completely enthralled. The JaFirst couple is a testament to the power of love and connection, both on and off the screen, and their journey continues to capture the hearts of fans worldwide.

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JaFirst Relationship in Real Life

As much as fans adore JaFirst’s on-screen chemistry and their portrayal of loving couples in BL dramas, it’s essential to clarify that there is no official confirmation of a real-life romantic relationship between Ja (Phachara Suansri) and First (Chalongrat Novsamrong). While their close friendship and camaraderie have sparked speculation among fans, the details of their off-screen relationship remain private.

In the world of BL dramas, it’s not uncommon for on-screen couples to develop strong friendships or even become close in real life. However, assuming a real-life romantic relationship solely based on their on-screen interactions should be done with caution, as actors often excel in creating convincing and captivating portrayals.

Ultimately, JaFirst’s popularity as a BL couple is a testament to their exceptional acting skills and the chemistry they bring to their roles, whether or not they share a romantic relationship in real life. Fans continue to support and celebrate their on-screen partnership, eagerly awaiting their future projects together.

Are Ja and First Dating Now?

JaFirst’s public interactions have certainly fueled speculation about their real-life relationship. Their tendency to hold hands in public and exchange affectionate looks akin to a couple has not gone unnoticed by fans. They don’t seem to shy away from sharing kisses in public settings either, further adding to the intrigue surrounding their bond. Frequently spotted hanging out together, it’s understandable why fans might speculate about their romantic involvement.

Despite the myriad hints that suggest they might be dating, both Ja and First have chosen to remain tight-lipped about the true nature of their relationship. While fans eagerly await any confirmation, they respect the privacy of these talented actors and continue to support their careers and on-screen collaborations, cherishing the undeniable chemistry they bring to their roles.

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