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Are Force and Book Dating? On-Screen to Real-Life Relationship

Are Force and Book Dating On-Screen to Real-Life Relationship

Are Force and Book Dating? From On-Screen to Real-Life Relationship

In the world of entertainment, on-screen chemistry often sparks rumors of off-screen romance, leaving fans and curious minds wondering if the relationships portrayed on television or in films extend beyond the camera’s lens. Thai actors Force and Book, who have charmed audiences with their exceptional talent and undeniable chemistry in a series of popular projects, have not escaped such speculation. In this article, we delve into the compelling connection between Force and Book, examining the evidence that suggests their on-screen romance may have found a place in their real lives. Join us as we explore the intriguing journey of these two actors and the questions surrounding their relationship status.

Force Jiratchapong Srisang

Force Jiratchapong Srisang is a 26-year-old Thai actor and artist affiliated with GMM TV. He gained prominence through his participation in the second season of the GMM TV variety show, “Safe House.” In addition to his entertainment career, Force pursued a degree in Digital Marketing at Rangsit University.

Throughout his career, Force has taken on various roles in both dramas and TV shows. Notable drama roles include “Only Friends,” where he played the character “Top” Tanin, “Our Skyy 2,” in which he portrayed “Gun” Gungawin, and “A Boss and a Babe,” also as “Gun” Gungawin. He has made guest appearances in shows like “Vice Versa” and “Enchanté.”

In addition to his dramatic roles, Force has been part of numerous TV shows and specials, often as a guest. These include “Talk with ToeyS,” “OffGun Mommy Taste Special,” and “TOPTAPTALK,” where he achieved a perfect rating of 10.0. Force’s career has been marked by versatility, with roles ranging from drama to variety shows, and his popularity and ratings have reflected the diversity of his projects.

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Book Kasidet Plookphol

Kasidet Plookphol, affectionately nicknamed Book, is a 26-year-old Thai actor and a former member of the boy group Cute Chef. His career took an exciting turn in 2021 when he joined the ranks of artists under GMMTV, a prominent entertainment company in Thailand. Born on October 25, 1996, Book has made significant strides in the Thai entertainment industry, leaving his mark through a diverse range of roles and appearances.

In the world of Thai dramas, Book has garnered attention for his compelling performances. Notable roles include his portrayal of Mew in “Only Friends,” “Cher” Saran and “Laem” in “Our Skyy 2” and “A Boss and a Babe,” respectively, and Sun in “The Three GentleBros.” He has also made guest appearances in dramas like “Vice Versa” and starred as Theo Asawa-ekanan in “Enchanté.” His dedication to his craft is evident through his diverse portfolio of roles, showcasing his versatility as an actor.

Beyond his acting endeavors, Book has ventured into the world of TV shows and specials. He has made guest appearances in various programs, including “Project Alpha,” “TOPTAPTALK,” and “Talk with ToeyS,” where he received high ratings. In addition, Book has been a regular member of “Safe House Season 2: Winter Camp” and has graced several other shows with his presence.

With a promising career ahead and a growing fan base, Book Kasidet Plookphol continues to make waves in the Thai entertainment industry, solidifying his status as a talented and versatile artist under GMMTV.

Are Force and Book Dating On-Screen to Real-Life Relationship

Are Force and Book Dating On-Screen to Real-Life Relationship

Top and Mew Real Name

Top’s real name is “Thanatsaran Samthonglai,” and Mew’s real name is “Kasidet Plookphol.”

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Force and Book Bl Dramas

Force and Book, both celebrated actors in the world of Thai BL dramas, first captivated audiences with their performances in the renowned series “A Boss and Babe.” In this engaging story, Cher, portrayed by Force, aspires to make it big in the competitive e-sports industry. During his senior year of university, he secures an internship with a struggling gaming company. His enigmatic boss, Gun, played by Book, assigns him peculiar tasks that leave Cher questioning Gun’s true intentions. Adding to Cher’s multifaceted life, he runs an ASMR channel whose videos unexpectedly become a source of solace for Gun as they lull him to sleep each night.

Their collaboration continued in their next project, “Only Friends,” where the focus shifted to Mew, Ray, Boston, and Namchueam, a group of business students co-managing a hostel. In this compelling narrative, the boundaries between friendship and romance blur as the characters navigate their complex relationships. Mew, dedicated to his studies, has little time for matters of the heart, setting aside both sex and romantic entanglements. However, when Boston introduces them to Top to help with the hostel’s design, unexpected sparks fly, leading to complications and misunderstandings. Meanwhile, Ray grapples with his feelings for Mew, causing tension with economics student Sand, who seeks an exclusive relationship. The IT expert Nick stumbles upon a sex tape in Boston’s phone, leading to an unforeseen friends-with-benefits arrangement. Yet, Nick secretly yearns for something deeper, setting the stage for a series of intriguing and emotional twists in this multifaceted drama.

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Force and Book Relationship in Real Life

Force and Book shared the screen in the captivating drama “A Boss and Babe,” where they brought to life an enthralling office romance between an employee and his boss. Their on-screen chemistry was nothing short of overwhelming, leaving fans to speculate about the nature of their relationship in real life. This curiosity only grew stronger when they once again portrayed lovers in their subsequent series, “Only Friends,” where they fearlessly depicted intimate scenes with each other. Their ability to convey such genuine affection and compatibility on screen left no doubt in viewers’ minds about the depth of their real-life connection.

The contrast in their on-screen personas added another layer of fascination. Force exuded a masculine, manly charm, while Book effortlessly showcased a cute and irresistibly sexy charisma. This striking compatibility between their contrasting styles not only made their on-screen dynamics sizzle but also hinted at a deep and genuine connection off-screen. It was clear to anyone watching that Force and Book shared a closeness and bond that extended beyond their roles, solidifying their status as not just talented co-stars but as close friends in real life.

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Are Force and Book Dating?

There have been persistent rumors suggesting that Force and Book might be more than just co-stars; they are believed to be in a romantic relationship. The evidence supporting this speculation is quite compelling. Not only have they shared the screen in two projects together, a clear testament to their closeness, but they also seem to spend a significant amount of time together off-set. While it’s not unusual for celebrities to form romantic connections while working together, it’s equally common for them to keep such relationships discreet.

However, what stands out is the way Force and Book consistently exhibit affectionate behavior towards each other, both onscreen and in real life. This genuine warmth and closeness they display not only during romantic scenes but throughout their interactions suggest a deep bond that transcends their professional partnership. It’s evident that they share a remarkable level of comfort with each other, making their on-screen chemistry all the more palpable.

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Fans of Force and Book remain eagerly hopeful for any confirmation or announcement regarding their relationship status, as their unwavering support continues to grow alongside the undeniable connection between these two talented and inseparable individuals.

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